So the new edition will be on us soon(July 10th actually) and it changes things pretty drastically. Here are some of the more reliable rumors.

Army construction is moving back to percentages.
25% max lords (includes mounts)
25% max heroes
25% MIN core
50% max special
25% max rare

You can have a lord level character leading a small army if you want to (within the points), you don't have to take a hero as you do currently.
Categories for core/special/rare are remaining.

- An added ‘bonus’ of getting an ‘extra’ +D6 or +D3 inches of movement to your move range (presumably the D6 or D3 decided by the category of warrior; infantry/cavalry/ogre sized).
Heavy cavalry no longer able to march
– Heavy cavalry, defined as any cavalry with a 2+ or better save, cannot march. They can double their move when charging as normal, but they are not allowed to make a March move.

Generating Power and Dispel Dice
- Power dice aren’t generated by the number of spellcasters. The amount of dice is decided by 2D6. The active player gets the total as power dice and the other player the highest throw as dispel dice (throw 3+5, = 8 PD and 5 DD). (confirmed). Dwarfs get +2 to dispel, not +2 dispel dice.

Casting Spells
- To cast a spell, roll 1 to 6 Power dice and add your caster's power level. EG: A Slann casts fireball and uses 2D6. He rolls a 3 and a 4 - score of 7. He than adds his Power Level of 4, which results in a total roll of 11.

- Caster levels are now added to dispel rolls.

- Miscasts are entirely gone, but are replaced by a combined irresistible force/ miscast table effectively:
When you roll a double 6 the spell is cast with irresistible force, but the Caster has to roll on the "lost control" chart, which is devastating, and far more worse than the current miscast table.

- Fewer armour save modifiers.
- Archers fire in two ranks (not just High Elves but all archers).

Fear and Terror
- When in combat, units or monsters with these rules gain 1 or 2 or 3 points of Static Combat modifier. This is added to the number of wounds caused by the Fear/Terror model/unit, as well as ranks, banners, etc. These bonuses may be cumulative between fear/terror causing things attacking a unit.
- Autobreaking from fear or terror is gone.

Stepping up.
- Basically how this works is that the second rank get to fight only if the guy in front is killed. But they only get a single attack regardless of what their profile attacks are, or what weapons they are carrying* . It is not clear yet whether they get to use special rules in addition to this or not at all (frenzy, hatred and killing blow etc). Only once there are insufficient models left to replace those that are killed in the attacking rank will the overall attacks of the unit drop.

It has yet to be clarified exactly how models with spears get to use them.

No word on the impact for High Elves.

Cavalry still only fight in 1 rank.


You have a unit of 20 guys, 5×4, 5 of which are in base contact with the enemy and 15 are not. The enemy strikes first and kills 6 of your guys. As you now have 14 models you have sufficient numbers to step up and replace casualties.

Because the front 2 ranks consists of 10 models overall, 6 of which are now dead, you still get to fight back with 4 models. In the next round of combat, the ranks are reset, so 5 models are in base contact, 5 in the second rank (capable of ‘stepping up’) and 4 in the third (remember, you still have 14 models). This time the enemy kills a further 8 models, leaving you with 2 models that get to fight back and a unit of 6.

This is the same regardless of which side they are attacked on.

- Fight in 3 ranks if 10+ wide (4 with spears).
Some benefit to fighting in large units, may automatically become stubborn beyond a certain unit size. – Harry

One Save to ruin them all!
- Models will only ever get one save (be it ward, mundane or magical armour). No word yet on whether regeneration is included. From Alessio himself!

More details over at Warseer.

I like the new rule changes but that being said I wont be playing 8th ed until a new army book is out. My army is now practicly obsolete. But overall I like the way they are going. Thoughts?