The young knight stood and wondered
What does it mean to have honour?
When many pillage and plunder
Is it defined by surviving longer?

He asked his general in charge
What wisdom can he bestow?
The general answered with a question
Why do you want to know?

The knight then moved to the old sage
And asked to be enlightened
The sage rubbed his long grey beard
With his answer the knight was frightened

"Honour time and war, are mixed and matched
There's no use defining that which you follow"
The sages words seemed confusing
The knight would try again tomorrow..

However on his way to ask again
The knight met a common farmer
He placed his faith in fate itself
And decided to question further

"I can't speak fancy, Mr Knight..
I'm but, a man of the soil
It sounds to me things are complex
And filled with pain and turmoil"

The knight listened carefully..

"But that's only when you complicate"
The common farmer stated
"Fight to protect, and love your friends
'cause words are overstated"

The knight then smiled at the farmers words
He simplified and made things plain
The knight could lead his life once more
And find his pride again.