Heya guys!
here is a taster of some of my work!
please enjoy ^^


i should prolly explain my work a bit and where i started!, i started getting into manga fully when i was 13, i loved to draw and mainly did fan art at that point, once i hit 15 i started making my own characters, i was still crap at it even then XD
Work from when i was 16 you may laugh at it, i do XD
but from then one, i seeked alot of critisizm and by a year later i improved by a hell of alot!
Here is a timeline of my work so you can get a better idea of how i progressed.
and it leads on to today where lately i havnt been drawing as much but i want to improve even more, i just need to get out of my art slump XD

im a British artist if you are wondering where i am from.

Please enjoy!
Let me know what you think and il soon post more!, thank you!