General Rules for Artists:

This area is not designed for you to ‘show off.’ This area is specifically for you to handle requests from members that are not capable of doing things themselves. Before taking a request, you SHOULD be aware of these rules.

Rules for Taking a Request:

1. If you are taking a request, THEN POST ACKNOWLEDGING THAT YOU ARE. Taking a request before letting others know that you are handling it can result in flame wars, or other confrontations.

2. Do not post that another Artist should handle the posted request. YOUR POST WILL BE DELETED AND YOU WILL RECEIVE AN INFRACTION.

3. YOU ARE responsible for any request you have agreed to take. DO NOT agree to take more than one (1) request at a time. You may only accept a new request once you have completed ALL other requests you have before hand.


General Rules for Artist Shops:

Artist Shops are stickied threads that are maintained by artists and monitored by Mods. These Shops are to managed by either single artist, or a group of artists who wish to handle the requests posted within them. Artists are responsible for finishing ANY request asked within their shops unless otherwise stated by the artist pr artists.


Rules for Beginning a Shop:

1. YOU MUST PM A MODERATOR FOR PERMISSION BEFORE BEGINNING A SHOP. Your shop thread will be deleted and you will receive an infraction.

2. When you PM a moderator for permission to begin a shop, please include any artist that are participating within your shop, what type of requests you will be handling, and be sure you can maintain the shop.

3. When you have received Moderator approval, YOU MUST CREATE A GENERAL REQUEST POST ABOUT YOUR SHOP FOR REQUESTERS TO SEE. Be sure to include general rules such as what type of request you will and will not do, along with any other information such as artists helping you maintain the shop.

4. Please reply to requests posted within your shop acknowledging that you are taking them. If your Shop remains inactive for too long your Shop will be removed.

5. DO NOT TURN YOUR SHOP INTO FLAME WAR. By creating a shop, you are required to take requests from anyone, you are not allowed to refuse a request for any rule not defined under you own rules. In other words, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DISCRIMINATE BASED UPON A PARTICULAR MEMBER FOR ANY REASON.

Failure to follow this rule will result in your Shop being removed, and you receiving an infraction.

Rules are subject to change.

For Any Questions, please send a private message to one of the Dazzle Us Staff members, and we will be happy to answer your questions regarding rules, requesting, or anything else.

- Dazzle Us Forum Moderators