General Rule for Requesting:

This area is designed for those who would like things made for them in order to request those things; Signatures, Avatars, Wallpapers, Extractions, etc. This area is NOT for selling art. It is NOT designed for artists to show off, this area is designed for those who would like to request something.

Rules for Posting or Creating Threads:

1: Your Request must be very specific. You must state what it is you want, and how you want it done.

2: It is REQUIRED you supply an image you wish to be used within your request unless otherwise. ANY REQUEST THAT DOES NOT FOLLOW THIS RULE WILL BE CLOSED OR DELETED.


4. Only 1 Request per person. You are not allowed multiple requests. You may only request something new once a month, breaking this rule will result in your request being deleted.

5. Do not spam threads with comments unless it pertains to the request. Post such as:

‘Can I have one too?’
‘That’s really good!’

POSTS LIKE THOSE WILL BE DELETED. Anyone who does this frequently will receive an infraction.

General Rules Regarding Shops:

Shops are artist specific threads that are stickied. If you do not wish to wait any artist to come along and complete your request, then you may post in an Artist’s ‘Shop.’ Do make note that Artists are allowed to make their own rules regarding their shops and will not always be doing any type of request unless you ask them otherwise.

Rules for Posting within an Artist’s Shop:

1. As always, make sure your request fits the artist’s criteria if any exists.

2. DO NOT SPAM AN ARTIST’S SHOP OR START FLAME WARS. Your post will be deleted, and you will be given an infraction.

3. Do not pressure and artist to finish your request faster. Your post will be deleted; artist are people, and they have lives too.

All Rules are Subject to Change.

For Any Questions, please send a private message to one of the Dazzle Us Staff members, and we will be happy to answer your questions regarding rules, requesting, or anything else.

- Dazzle Us Forum Moderators