Well I made this Story a long time ago. I think around the time I was about 12. Now I"m 15 and I rediscovered it in the hidden catacombs of my local c disk. So here you are. Please enjoy, I do try my best. Any feed back about my work is much appreciated. Thank you advance for both reading and/or commenting in any form or fashion.

My Chapters are typically this short or a bit longer. It's more or less just for my own personal preference to be honest.

Chapter 1

I awoke to complete silence, now, to most people, this was, maybe, a good thing but to me this meant trouble. I checked my alarm clock which was beside my face the numbers staring at me blankly. For some reason I couldn’t mentally put the numbers together to create a time. Suddenly the sleepy mist cleared from my mind allowing free floating thoughts to enter and exit without any stoppers. I could recognize the time now but I didn’t want to acknowledge it. The clock was never wrong but knowledge of this didn’t stop me from hoping it was wrong. According to the clock it was July 19th 12:57 pm. “Oh god no!” I whispered furiously as I struggled to become untangled from my bed sheets. A whole thirty seconds had passed before I was untangled and in front of my Laptop. I had left it on since when I had fallen sleep nine hours ago after going to sleep at four in the morning. I opened the desired Program and waited as my overly fast computer loaded very close to instantly. I typed with the speed of a jack rabbit’s leg as I logged in. Soon I was logged into Divine Trespasser the hottest online Rpg to ever come out. I was standing in front of an NPC (1). I moved my scroller on it and the name “Tournament Registration Npc came up and it showed how much more time I had left until the Tournament Began and the Tournament Registration ended. I double clicked the Npc and it asked me if I wanted to join the Tournament Registration list. I clicked the bottom option and the Npc thanked me and told me when the Preliminaries would begin even though I could see the time just above his head (2). I sighed in the real world. Suddenly there was a “Ding” noise which my computer used to inform me that I had a waiting online message. I clicked the envelope Icon on my screen designed to be my email box it was from GaMEPro’s Corp the online game company that had created Divine Trespasser it informed me that I had just signed up for the Trent-Vita Tournament. I heard the same Ding noise again. I checked it this time it was from my best friend Gregory Agnese. Apparently he had just finished a mission online and had gotten information on one of the seven Divine Weapons. They were an in-game legend in Divine Trespasser I had only been playing for a month but I already knew all about them. Apparently in the game there were seven weapons in hidden within each of the seven main dungeons which in themselves were hard enough to get into let alone go through. Said to be somewhere within these dungeons were Weapons that gave no other could match one had been found in the year Divine Trespasser had been out, it had been found by a player who was now famous his online name was Kinliko and he was now said to be looking for all the rest. Everybody wanted the power that Kinliko had but few could get into the seven main dungeons. For you need a special Item to get into the dungeons known as “Divine Passport” there were two ways to get a “Divine Passport”. One of them was to collect three thousand Normal passports which were found on the dead bodies of a lot of monsters in the game and another was to win one of the seven town Tournaments (3). I read and reread the message any information from an NPC was bound to be useful so I accepted the add-on download Word File Greg had included. It was actually pretty useful. According to the Npc the Hammer of Regnia(4) was in the hidden chamber of Hell. I racked my brain trying to remember where in the game “Hell” might be but came up blank. I decided then that I would just go adventuring in “Divine Trespasser” to gain some levels. Rumor was that the Power-Gamer (5) Tako was going to join. Tako was from Japan and he was renowned for coming very close to defeating Kinliko after he had already gotten his Divine weapon which was an insanely impressive feat. If I was going to catch up to all the guys, I was going to have bring some "Royalty" along.


1: Npc is game talk for Non-Player Character more or less their Characters in the game that are not controlled by anyone in the real world.

2: I guess I forgot to explain what the NPC looked like. He was dark skinned and his face was extremely handsome. There were no distinctive traits to him save for a tiny Triangle symbol which stood in the middle of his left pupil and his bright pink hair which drew your attention. His clothing consisted of a gray tunic with no sleeves, a blue pair of jeans and a pair of black flip-flops with yellow straps.

3: In “Divine Trespasser” there are a total of 19 towns in those 19 towns there are 7 main towns. Every three Months they have held a tournament in a different town. The tournament was extremely hard but that didn’t stop those who were too weak from joining.

4. The Story behind “Divine Trespasser” was that there had been Nine Gods each one controlled a different number of towns. Each town thrived with the help of their god but soon one of the gods had wanted more Villages to control so he waged war on another of the gods. The other Seven had teamed up and destroyed the other god and his Village was put into neutral Territory to save themselves from wars. But soon from the spilled blood of their god the humans of the village gained godly powers and waged a war against the gods. Even though the gods could kill some of the godly humans they could not kill them all and soon all they could do was seal them off but by doing this they weakened themselves to the point where they could no longer use their powers and so to regain their power they sealed themselves into their weapons. The names of the gods are as follows: Ablopol, Brikonal, Guijki, Kiol, Nujoir, Regnia, Zuopik, the name of the deceased last god was never ever released so far.

5: Another Game talk slang word it meant someone who only played games to become really strong instead of to truly enjoy all aspects of the game.