Due to the high frequency of recommendation request threads compared to other discussions, I've decided it would be easier for everyone if we kept them in one neat, organized place.


1. List approximately five of your favorite Supernatural genre anime and manga (specify which or both).

2. Try to include a couple reasons why you enjoy it, to help people find the suggestions that appeal to their interests.

3. Your list can be a little shorter or longer, but please try to avoid simply listing every anime you can think of. This makes your list less helpful to others.

4. Make sure you list only series that are primarily SUPERNATURAL in nature. Shows that focus on magic, the occult, and things outside the natural order. No Mecha, Feudal, Space, Magical Girl or Romance suggestions.

5. Try to suggest a couple lesser known series to avoid everyone picking the same five most well known titles. EVERYONE knows about Bleach. Unless you have something shocking to say about it, you probably don't need to mention it.