This poem came to me. I'm not too proud of it, it's not a very good one of mine, but I was writing my feelings. I hope everyone likes it.

False Happiness

Seems like everything is going wrong
Nothing is working and it's bringing you down
Though it's not the end, it sure feels that way
Everyone around you is willing to help


You keep everything locked inside
Put on a smile for all to see
Make everyone think you're alright
In order to not bring them down


This pain inside is so real
The sadness, darkness, and anger
But no one will know
Because you never show your feelings


Your heart is slowly breaking down
With little holes shot through it
This false happiness is too much
Why can't it just be real?


Everything about you is fake
Your smile, your laugh
Even your cheerful actions
Not many people can tell


The gaze in your eyes foretells all
It shows your pain and agony
It shows the sting in your heart
The eyes are one thing that can not lie


Always wanting to be alone
It doesn't matter though does it?
Being alone isn't painful
It gives time to think


Lay around and mope
All you do is think
About what you could have done
Wishing for the better outcome

Too late-

Your chest hurts so bad now
The pain in your heart is too much to bare
Break down like a child
All you can do is cry now

Cry alone in the same place as your heart becomes cold...