Zandan's and Kirako's darker poetry inspired me to write this along with the crazy nightmares I've been having lately.

Thanks for inspiring me you two!

you put a strand of my hair
behind my ear-
as a romantic gesture
with the edge of your blade.
"it's common courtesy"
you say, "to show what I
do my foulest deeds with."

you pick up my cold hand
and kiss it as if to revive it-
only so you can kill it again.

you wipe off the blood on
your white sleeve,
you take your trusty sword
and go at it again.
"it's common courtesy"
you say, "to clean up a mess
before I start another."

His voice trembles
along with his hands:
"I" he stabs my heart, again
"loved" he stabs my thigh
"you!" he stabs my eyes,
as if once wasn't enough...
calls it tough love.

"No longer do I have to see
those two wretched things."
he cries out like a sick psychopath
in need of the electric chair.

I try to cry
but all that
comes out is
my own liquid crimson
paints the concrete canvas
on which I lay.

They say the dead don't feel pain,
Then why do I feel metal shards
Pushing into my skin? Over and over.
He just won't stop
until I can no longer
be recognized.

I wronged him,
I know I did,
I cheated, I lied-
But did I really deserve this?
Does cheating on the one you love
equate to such a horrific death penalty?
Maybe it does...
Not like it matters now...
If I could take back what I did;
I would.
But would he take back what he did?
NO, never.

He chops off my long blood drenched hair
"No longer do I have to put your hair
behind your lopsided ear. Not like you
appreciated it you worthless wench.

I lie there in my pool of blood
Pool of lies.

This must be hell.
He must be Satan.

God, please, take me away!
Give me another chance!
I promise this time around
I won't give another guy a single glance
I'll be faithful and loving-
I'll never lie ever again.

Please, don't tell me that this is my end.