No specific details on if it's animated or not, but since Warner Bros. is involved I'll bet it's live action like the Akira release mentioned at the end. Not to say that I won't see it, unless they do something stupid like cast completely wrong people [IE Miley Cyrus as Rukia or something]

I'll be watching this for updates, since I think I'm the first to post about it. I stumbled across it looking for a US release for the 4th DS game, and stuff about Iron Man 2. Story has been released on several sites, so I'm reasonably sure it's authentic.

I see a few problems here. Bleach is chock full of Japanese characters. In the anime, they look pretty generic/white/american-european, etc. However, we cannot have a red haired Zac Efron cast as Ichigo. But at the same time, it'd look odd to have a red haired Japanese actor as well. I can't really think of anyone who would look like they'd fit the part, especially since the characters are generally teens. If they use American actors, they can't shoot in Japan, which, unless the movie is a spin off or something, presents a real problem, at least to me.

Keep in mind that I'm just tossing out ideas, and have no facts to provide. I really like this series, and I want it to be done right.