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You mentioned all my favourite couples on Naruto (though they're few actually )

1. NarutoXHinata - By far my favourite tough I think the probabily of that to happen is below 5%, as Naruto doesn't like Hinata as more than a good friend. She stand bravely for him during Konoha's attack, that's when I started to really like her (but she's no more than a secundary character) and to start thinking they'll be good together. I think Naruto will end up alone and Sasuke with Sasuke.
2. SasuXSaku - From the start till only about Sakura's confession and all the troubles with Sasuke I always thought that Sakura and Naruto would be great together but now I think different, Sasuke and Sakura would be a nice pairing, Sakura is definetely much closer to Sasuke than with Naruto and I don't want her to change Naruto for worst
3. ShikaXtemari - They're a very cute couple, Shikamaru with that lazy attitude of never caring but always shy around Temari and Temari with her attitude of strong independt woman but also shy with him, I think this paring will indeed happen and they'd be pretty nice together.
4. KonanXPain - Like that one two, such loialty and deep friendship between them, we don't know for sure if they loved eachother as more than just great friends but I like to think they did
5. KushinaXMinato - They're simply epic, tough we don't know much of them, just that they were very inloved and made a great couple.

But still I want Kakashi with someone, for the women in Naruto I can't find anyone that would be nice with him
I also would have lived for Ero-senin Jirayia to settle down with Tsunade, but no way that'll happen as
he's already dead

Also, Neji and Ten-ten would be an ok pairing
And Lee would also be good for Sakura but as I think it's much more likely for her to end with Sasuke I doubt he'll be with any girl, if NaruxHina doesn't work I believe it'd be interesting to see a LeexHina, they're completely opposites as Lee is completely outgoing and confiand while Hinata very shy and insecure, they'd sure be a strange but interesting pairing
>> I do agree with some couples that you have mentioned and also I really wanted Jiraiya be with Tsunade but it will not happen anymore... And also Ten-ten and Neji would also work as well...