Is that good or bad?
I made a lot of promises.
They all failed
And that is that...

I broke another promise...
A personal promise
That once again
Turned to ashes
While being recited.

I broke this promise...

Breaths from my heart,
They told me so.
Told me to burn it.
Told me to forget about it.

I took that step.
Told me to reach.
Reach up high as I fly.
See the ashes race pass by.

Fly up to the clouds
And find that one starting point
That I have kept inside me
For the longest...

The kiss that was pushed away
to keep the burnt promise.

I broke the promise...
I have found my starting point.

So tell me...
Is that good or bad?
The promise? I promised myself not to date anyone for a long period of time... Lets per say.... until October? lol