through the course of the Anime i actually came to hate Light. He was disgusting and emotionless to me. I mean sure in the first few episodes he was brilliant, but he became really twisted and i disliked it. I actually came to like all of the Whammy House boys: Near, L, Matt, and, yes, Mello (hey, at least he had emotions) Well L was adorable and clever as long as he lived. And i even liked Near (he won didnt he?) and though Matt only had a brief role i liked his outfit and attitude alot. But who i really hated was that girl (i dotn remember her name) but she was the news reporter than Light used in the last few episodes. LIGHT WAS MISAS! anyway i also liked allt he Shinigami, well not Rem since she killed L. Nut who is your favorite character(s)? Who did you hate?