Dissapearing on this cold night
Snow blinds my sights
I'm searching the light
How am I suposed to win these fights

Tears turn to ice
My eye turn frozen
We both payed the price
Is this the future she has chosen

I never thought it'd be this way
I wonder what you saw
All I can do for you is pray
The ice became in a state of thaw

You sinked to the pit
Together with my heart
I can't but I have to submit
Why did we have to part

I wonder what you saw in that last moment
I wonder what you felt when the tires lost grip
Did you feel winters evil intent
Was it a painfull cold winter dip

It tears down my heart
And it tore down your life
You slowly depart
And so it will take mine with this knife

A knife out of ice
Winter will kill us both
Yes we both pay the price
I decided to make that oath

I want to be with you!