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Thread: Works of art.

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    Default Works of art.

    I've noticed there are some other graphic designers here on this forum. Not that I want to compete or anything, but I would like to know what you think of my work. All of you out there, please let me know:

    A promotional poster for a Ragnarok server I play. You're all free to join if you want. Link's on the poster.

    It didn't take me that long to make this. I think like, 10 hours in total with the needed investigation, try-outs and breaks.
    I did remake this twice, especially the logo. I'm not that fond of it yet, but we needed something, so that became the current endresult.
    I heard the owner wanted to actually print it out it around in gameshops etc, so I made a second one with text:

    I left out the links in the poster too, hopefully I'm not violating any rules here. ^_^;

    Here's something I had to make for class. We got the list of the Golden Voyage (google it, if you want) and we had to make our own speculation of it. What did we find good, bad, what should we add, extract,...
    I thought the list was too boring and was trying to talk about everything. Therefore I centered it down to, what I believe, is the most powerful being on this planet, us, the humans. Now I'm not going to start debating about whether that's true or not. Humans are weak and powerful in many ways.

    The idea of this one is that the human is basically wearing the world as some sort of a giant skirt, mocking it, as he's on top, looking down upon it.

    The one I made here was for another class assigment. We had to make a weekpage out of an agenda. I got between 7 and 14 September, leaving me with 9/11. However, I thought it was boring and overdone already, so I decided to go for 10/11, World Suicide Prevention Day.

    The idea behind this one is that the meat represents us, and it's cut, a sign to show that we're not only mentally hurt, seeing how the meat represents a brain, but we're also physically, as we're intovert, down, depressed, etc. The bandaid is there to show that we have to solve it and try to cure this condition, because being suicidal isn't just something, it really is a condition, like being depressed.

    We also had to make an agenda page of our week. I decided to go with filling it up with nothing but text. People who are suicidal have to be, or so I've read, kept busy so they won't think of doing anything stupid.
    Thus, I've made an agenda which will allow you to fill something in every half hour.
    I'm also sorry for the quality, but it's not in PDF. This is made so it's easier for you guys to load it (and no one will steal it seeing it's blurry. ;D )

    A signature I made for MAL, where I'm a vice-Captain in a role-playing thingie. It's pretty fun.

    Didn't work that long on this one. I just wanted a signature like everyone else did.

    A signature I made for my ex girlfriend who, I think, plays Maple. Not sure.

    Basic stuff. Make 20 layers, slap things on them, add masks and filters till it looks nice. ^_^;

    That's what I pretty much have to offer you guys for now. This is my most recent work and I have some here I still need to finish up. But, I'll let you guys know more when I'm done.



    UPDATE: 25/02/2010

    I recently finished this poster:

    It's for an art lecture in our college, which is called BOLD ITALIC. It's pretty self-explanatory.

    For those of you who don't see it; the BOLD, which I put a fish-eye effect on through Illustrator, and I made it so it's 'crushing' the text under it the giant title. Hence the title 'BOLD Italic' where the giant big BOLD takes up all the space as the gentle Italic binds the Bold together to a solid cluster.

    UPDATE: 28/02/2010

    Something I made when I was bored.

    The idea behind it is, if you're sad, even if everything around you is bright and shiny, you won't automatically become happier.

    UPDATE: 28/03/2010

    Made this for a friend who plays Ragnarok Online on some server. Their guild is called 'Not Amused'.
    The idea behind this is...well, they're not amused, but then again in a way where they would want more. Blood, gore, blabla. They apparently are the most hated guild because they're total jerks, or something.
    So I brainstormed, figured it had to have some black and white in it for some contrast, a strong typography which looks a bit dead but shocking at the same time and some red. But seeing I found red to be too cliché for gore and violence I decided to use purple, some pink and dark purple. There's even a bit of red in it.
    Those of you who are wondering which font I used, it's called: 28 days later. It can be found through google.

    People often ask me: "How come you just used text?"

    Answer: I dislike using 'anime'. And it's not that it can't be pretty, but it's become pretty redundant to even use them. People often seem to forget that a signature has to present something, or someone, and I find it really ugly to just use any anime character in my work which wouldn't represent anything anyway.
    In some occassions I find the use of typography much easier. It has a much better (atleast IMHO) way of showing emotions and ideas.
    But, of course, using 'anime' in your signatures could also be very cool.
    But, like Erik Spiekermann would say: "As we say in Berlin, there are many ways to bake a parrot."
    (For those of you who don't know Spiekermann, he's a famous typographer.)

    UPDATE: 26/04/2010

    This is a poster I made for the movie Vertigo.

    I was inspired by the original poster (http://allfordeadtime.files.wordpres...0/vertigo1.jpg) to make this one here. Same red background, just used typography instead of a man valling down a twirling hole.
    I find the picture to be amusing, as it gets so blurry you can't even ready the T and the I anymore, but in your head you make the connection and spell out "Vertigo."
    Some of my friends said they got a bit dizzy after watching my poster because they can't focus their eyes on a certain point because everything gets blurry. If you get the same feeling, I've accomplished my goal. -thumbs up-

    UPDATE: 05/05/2010

    An art project. The idea was to be inspired by photographers who had a certain view on 'what is photography?'

    I let myself be inspired by Jeff Wall, who edited his pictures on such a way it would look believable while if you take a closer look, it'd be fake.
    For the colours I chose a picturalistic theme where the image is a bit blurred and looks a bit grained, the colours still being intense and express a lot of feeling.
    The theme is about a woman, being trapped in an endless loop as no matter how optimistic you are in life sometimes, you cannot escape the boundaries of life. Sometimes you will get hurt, sometimes you will be sad, sometimes you will be angry. But in the end it all doesn't matter, as life is neutral. It does not care how you dress yourself, how to reflect yourself, it's just there. It's your choice how far you want to walk.

    So, I made it so that the woman looks down, as she wears quite some sunny clothings as she gently peeks to the right to see her own reflection which is basically just a grey reflection of what she really is, a human being with or without flaws.
    I also made it so that she light that comes from above are reflected from her clothing, so it'll look like she's giving off a feint light. If you watch closely, the top reflects her spirit.
    I made the background black and white. I made her colourful, to give a powerful contrast. She is noticeable, but because of her attitude and her expression she fits perfectly within the background and almost 'blends in'.

    Hope you guys like it.

    UPDATE: 16/04/2010

    I drew a picture of someone on this forum, but alas I've forgotten the name and I've accidently deleted the source material. If someone could tell me who this is, so I can credit her.

    Took me about 2 hours to complete this one. I used 3 layers.
    1) pencil layer
    2) soft black pencil layer
    3) Hard black pencil layer

    Have fun.

    UPDATE: 31/08/2010

    I decided to do some animating. This is a promotional video I made for my Y.A.D. (long story short, a youth Buddhist organization which every country has) to present in Taiwan, where an international youth conference was held.

    In short, it is to describe Belgium, our YAD and what we have done in the past year(s).
    The video features 4 people. Me, the president and 3 other members of our YAD. Each person has a colour. I'm black, one is red, one is green, etc.

    Why I went for the cartoon/childish-feeling is because Choi Han, the youngest member of our YAD, said we should try that. I gave it a thought and we all agreed to her awesome idea.

    It's not much, but it's a start.

    - Photoshop CS5
    - After Effects CS5
    - Illustrator CS5
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    Not everything is black and white like that.

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