Years have passed, and among the dust and dusk of the old war, new faces appear. The gates of the soul society open once more, no longer shut to the world. From them, rise the new captains and vice captains of this new day

Meanwhile, in the darkness of night and white sand, old demons stir. Never evil spawns as old light shines once more. The hollows creep out of their permeable shadows of Hueco mundo. At their face, the new tides of doom, the Espada and Arrancar, set their cold gaze once more onto the world of humans.

A world not much different, but not a mirror in the same. The Quincies, proud and strong, march once more out to battle the evils of the world, the traces of dust that marked their fading hour-glass filled anew. A new pride and justice blooms as their race arrives once more from the shadows of history.

A shadow filled not with mere power, but with malice. Their power-miming brothers, the Bounto are not ones to forever dwell in the darkness. Their hunger drives them out once more.

And all the more it should, for along the same road walk the Vizards, their new blades drawn, their mask glimmer with the heed of a new war. A life of solitude coming to one time to rise against.

But is that the only shadow? The only calling heed of danger? As new leaders rise and fall, one claims a new throne, heeding to unite all Superhumans under one banner, standing united for the first time.

Shimigami, Arrancar, Quincy, Bounto, Vizard, Superhuman. And now the time is anew. Will the new world fall once more to the shadow? Or will it be a different time.

Join Bleach Domination. And maybe You will be the one to give shape to a new Bleach World!!!