These are the new, updated rules. Please follow them

- Stay on topic. All topics in this section should be about Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon -only-. No other anime/mangas will be discussed here!

- No flaming/baiting. Be respectful to both members and moderators! Everyone has an opinion, and not all of them will agree with each other. This does not give you the right to insult someone's opinions/thoughts/ideas. This also means to listen and respect the staff. Be respectful and play nice.

- No multiple posting. This means posting several times in a row. If you need to add something to your post and no one has posted after you, use the edit button.

- No spamming. Posts like "I agree!" or "lol, omg, yeah!" are spam. If your reply isnt at least a sentence long, chances are its spam.

-Versus threads. They will be allowed. -However-, I will not allow posts like "I think so-and-so would win!" -Why- would they win? Back up your answers! Otherwise, its just spam.

- Don't attach/include random images. Please dont post random images when they arent needed.

- Use spoiler tags. I've seen this in several posts already. If you're planning on talking about something that may spoil a series for someone who hasn't seen it, DO use the tags. They are [ spoiler ] and [ /spoiler ] (minus the spaces) before and after the information.

- Don't encourage the spam/backseat moderate. See a spam thread? Or even a thread posted in the wrong forum? I ask that members not add to the issue by posting and telling the member their thread is "spam," going to "be closed," or "in the wrong forum." Please use the report button and it will be taken care of by myself or an administrator.

-Closed Threads.
Please feel free to pm me about a closed thread. I will be more than happy to reopen it for you -unless- it has been closed for spam/flaming/etc

-Descriptions. When starting a thread, please give a bit of a description of the series. You may include a few pictures of characters, but remember to use spoiler tags when necessary!

Any questions/suggestions may be submitted to me via pm =3