I'm somewhat new here; I've been around for a while, but I don't post much. I haven't formally introduced myself on here; sorry about that! ^.^; So hello! I'm sbsp13668, and I'm known by that name on all other websites (in case you go looking for me). XD

Also, this seems to be the right area to try to look for people, so I'm searching for MyOtaku/TheOtaku members. If you're an old member of MyOtaku or a new member of TheOtaku and you're unhappy with the changes made with VersionVibrant or you want to have the same benefits as the older member of MyOtaku, then you should sign this petition: MyOtaku revival petition link Spread the word!

I hope this post doesn't violate any rules; I have something similar in my journal/blog thingy, anyways! ^.^;