Hey All,

I've been working on a webseries project for the past couple of years that's been heavily inspired by the magical realism of anime, particularly shows like Evangelion, specifically its blend of sci-fi elements and real world problems, and the use of psychedelic visuals as a way to represent subjective character states. That was amazing in Evangelion, and I'm trying to take a similar approach with my show, The Third Age (www.thethirdagebegins.com).

The show is about ordinary people caught up in a war between gods, played out on the streets of New York City. So far, we've got four episodes out, and new ones are being released every Tuesday.

Well, I think people who enjoyed Eva and other similar anime would enjoy the show, and I'd love to hear your comments. You can check out all the episodes that have aired so far here: http://watch.thethirdagebegins.com