Id do it myself but my memory sucks so much, no matter how much i study i cant remember it the next day ><; I cant seem to learn any language other than english =/

Someone tried to help me translate one of my lyrics but i was told its totally incorrect, so id like to verify what this ACTUALLY means o-o;

koi wa chimamireike oyagitakunai
Neko wa kodomo wo taberu
Sora ni! Sora ni!
Tori wa yobi!

when i tried to verify it myself by translating the words back to english i came up with this:

A carp cant swim in the bloodstained pond
a cat eats its children
in the sky in the sky
a bird calls.

tho i asked them to translate:

A carp doesnt swim in a bloody pond
a cat doesnt stray to eat its own young
in the sky! in the sky!
a bird is calling out!

o-o; Im pretty sure we messed up bigtime XD

also i need some help translating this into japanese:

In the end
i surrender
to that demon
that snatches away
unspoken words

Thanks D:

(both are for posters im making)