I'm in a band and I am the song writer. I'll be posting them as I write them. Hope you all enjoy!

Game of Revenge(Violent Fist)

Verse 1
You're running away,
scared of the unknown.
Beneath it all,
you're just a coward to me.
Say what you please,
you can't erase the past.
I warned you and,
you turned your back on me.

My helping hand,
is now a violent fist.
Getting what you don't deserve,
and not getting what you do.
To you life is a game,
well revenge is a game I'll play with you!

Verse 2
F*** with your mind,
yeah that's what I'll do.
When you least expect it,
I'll be waiting for you.
Be afraid,
I'm in the shadows.
Death creeping up on you,


Verse 3
Your life is mine,
I own your fate.
Making decisions,
destroying your sanity.
You go insane,
hatred cutting deep.
Drowning in your pain,
light slowly fades.
Senses fall away,
numbered are your days!

You know how it goes,
and what they say.
You can not kill,
What you did not create.
And when it comes to you and me...
I'm the exception.


Well, that's it. That's my first one and more will be up later. R&R please!!