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I saw Allelujah/Hallelujah blow up a building with children in it. And nobody who has commented about those actions has ever said that the children were about to test a new long-range super weapon by blowing up cities full of people, or that there was any other urgent need to blow up the building right then. Nobody who commented said that it would have been impossible to take the time to evacuate the children before enemy reinforcements arrived. Celestial being could have taken the time to come up with a plan to destroy the lab without killing the Children.
Nobody has said anything about this because it really doesn't matter. The Super Soldiers were going to grow up to pretty much be war machines, with or without Allelujah's intervention (Allelujah is simple proof of how a Super Soldier can return to fighting without wanting to fight). Also, Celestial Being DID NOT give him the order to destroy the research institute; Allelujah did that all on his own. He merely got approval from Veda (if you need information about Veda, watch the series that you apparently want to discuss but don't actually want to watch).

When Allelujah got to the institute, he hesitated, wanting to get the children out and give them good lives. Then Hallelujah gave him two choices: he could either take over Allelujah and pull the trigger himself (putting Allelujah in a false sense of righteous, saying "well, at least I didn't pull the trigger") or Allelujah could do it himself. Allelujah chose the latter.

Do I "approve" of what he did? Did he do the "right" thing? I can't say. Not because I don't have any morals but because I could care less because none of this is real. I never "approve" or "disapprove" of what a character did because frankly I don't care and would rather stay in the realm of reality (unlike you).

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But even if blowing up the children in episode 11 was the only evil thing that Celestial Being ever did, I would never confuse the concept that victory for Celestial would be less of disaster for the world than victory for their enemies with the idea that any member of Celestial being was good enough to deserve even the least little bit of sympathy or love or respect, or with the idea that any member of Celestial Being deserved to live.
I don't doubt that, HOWEVER, since you haven't seen the whole series and refuse to do so, this little moral rant of yours about Celestial Being is merely laughable to me, troll.

By the way, do you realize that you are going off-topic in YOUR OWN thread? To derail a thread that doesn't belong to you is one thing, but to derail YOUR OWN thread because of your need to be right all the time (any reason why you couldn't simply IGNORE the whole Gundam thing?) is hilarious on many levels.

Do you even want to have a debate anymore or do you just want to prove yourself right about everything (good luck with that)? Again, I will give you a choice: to ignore all the Gundam talk and get back to your "debate" (chuckle, chuckle) or you can continue to drag your thread through the mud with your relentless need to be right and to prove all of us wrong. Your call.