Okay.....so, pretty much all the Yu-Gi-Oh threads are closed.....>_> That makes it a bit hard to talk about Yu-Gi-Oh! Lol!

Anyway, yeah.....GX fails, 5D's fails even more.....given a choice between the 2, I'd prefer GX. But, I really wish they had just ended Yu-Gi-Oh at the end of Dawn of the Duel or whatever the Egyptian part at the end was called (That was my favorite Duel Monsters "sub-series")
I think it's so stupid that they kept going with Yu-Gi-Oh after that....everything after the end of Duel Monsters is annoyingly stupid!
But, I have to say, having watched a little of 5D's, GX doesn't bug me nearly as much! I still think it's dumb that they got rid of all the original characters.....I mean, they took out Yugi! If they did that with the title, the show would just be called "Oh!" Lol!

But, I do think it's a bit amusing that all the main character's names could still fit into "Yu-Gi-Oh"
GX - Jaden Yuki (Yuki Judai) - "Yu-Ki-Oh"
5D's - Yusei Fudo - "Yu-Sei-Oh"
See what I mean? Lolz!

So....I basically made this cuz I'd still like to be able to talk about Yu-Gi-Oh when it was good....and about how they should still have it on tv sometimes (if they actually do, I'd love to know when and what channel!)
When GX first started and I would talk about it like this, how I want the other show back and stuff, people would just tell me I'm being stupid or whatever....and I'd rather not have that here.....I just wanna talk about one of my old favorite animes and maybe get to see it again. Hopefully this thread won't get closed like most of the others.....at least not for awhile.....