Prolouge: Whats that noise?

Thump. I was standing in my room, the darkness surrounding me and holding me into a embrace. I heard the caws of crows and the wind blowing against my window, hard enough to where it roared. I held my toy tiger, Antonio, and pulled the covers over my head. I knew there was nothing to be afraid of nothing that could possibly be bad.

Thump. I heard laughter, one that sent chills down my spine. I closed my eyes tight thinking my imagination went wild. I heard it again coming closer and closer but I thought it wasnt there and desperatly tried to fall asleep. I heard screams and took the covers off my head. I looked around seeing the light from the hallway peer through my door but also something red. I tried to ignore it but went to my door.

Thump. I opened the door to see a trail of red leading to my attic. Aunty said never to go into the attic after I met Miss Leary. I never understood why and always went to the attic anyways. I opened the door and looked up into the room. The light was on but I saw no red trail anymore it ended right where I was standing. I looked up and saw Aunty on the ceiling, her body was severed into pieces and blood dripped like rain. I ran but the door slammed shut and I heared Miss Leary's laugh.

Thump. "Aunty cant keep me from you, Child. Im too good for that." Miss Leary said, her fingers grabbing my chin. "You killed Aunty! Why Miss Leary? She didnt do anything to you!" I yelled getting out of Miss Leary's cold grip. She laughed and blocked the door forcing me more into the room. "She took you away. You still want to see me dont you?" "No I want! I want my Aunty!" I started to cry and then felt my tears getting wiped away. "That was the wrong answer but I'll make your pain go away." She disappeared inside of me and I was knocked unconscious. The last thing I remember hearing was a big thump.