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Thread: OZ Soldier Survival Guide

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    Default OZ Soldier Survival Guide

    Nicki Robert, Principality of Zeon rookie has had a hard day in the Simulator, where he had to fight various scenarios that have happened throughout the One Year War. Surviving was a pain, especially against the Gundam! But on that day, he had a chat with some other guy in a bar, who's face was obscured by his space suit.

    Nicki: *sigh*

    OZ Soldier: Why the long face?

    Nicki: Kinda had a bad day, I got shot down countless times, good thing it was just a simulator... but when I think we'll have to face that white guy in action someday gives me the shudders.

    OZ Soldier: Oh, so you're a trainee? Well I can give you some tips, I'm an elite pilot of the OZ!

    Nicki: Really? That would be great! By the way, I'm Nicki Robert of the Midnight Fenrir Squad, and you are?

    OZ Soldier: I am?

    Nicki: Your name?

    OZ Soldier: Oh uh, I forgot my name to be honest. Guess thats why I follow Treize, he's the only one who knows our names.

    Nicki: Huh?

    OZ Soldier: Nevermind that, so whats the "White Guy" you got so much trouble with?

    Nicki: You know, that monster of the Federation, the White Devil of the Troy Horse.

    OZ Soldier: Rings no bells.

    Nicki: Wait, I got a picture here from this briefing...

    OZ Soldier: IT'S A GUNDAM!!!

    Nicki: Augh! you yelled into my ear dude!

    OZ Soldier: Oh I'm sorry its just it was kind of a reflex

    Nicki: *looks at picture* well I guess the reputation it has spread a lot huh? *turns picture towards the OZ soldier again*

    OZ Soldier: IT'S A GUNDAM!!!

    Nicki: Woah man cut it out!

    OZ Soldier: Oh sorry, well about those Gundams, hehe yeah we're getting trouble from them too but we have our ways to deal with 'em.

    Nicki: Really? But it can down my unit in one good shot! I've tried taking cover but-

    OZ Soldier: And thats where you're doing it wrong, boy! When the Gundam comes guns a blazin', you don't take cover! You must stand perfectly still in an open area with the body of your MS fully exposed. Its best you forget that the terrain around you even exists!

    Nicki: If you say so... so you mean I should just focus on attacking?

    OZ Soldier: Exactly! Rely on your unit's sensors, radar guidance and the automatic aiming systems!

    Nicki: But don't they get jammed in the Minovsky interference?

    OZ Soldier: Minwhatsky? What the hell you babblin' about kid?

    Nicki: I thought our radar sensors get jammed and locking on should be impossible over longer distances, thats why we have to rely on our own marksmanship right?

    OZ Soldier: Marksmanship? Who told you that bull? Since when do soldiers need marksmanship? Listen up, if you aim, you're doing it wrong! Keep firing in the general direction of the enemy and eventually the unit will lock on all by itself, don't go on nilly-willying about trying to aim and stuff.

    Nicki: But with minovsky inter-

    OZ Soldier: Now shut up about that MacGuffsky! We're pilots, not geographologists! And I'm here to teach you pilotising.

    Nicki: So the way I understand it now is, you're telling me to simply focus fully on offense, something like to keep the pressure up on the enemy with suppression fire and stuff, right?

    OZ Soldier: ...Yeah... superfission fires... and stuff... something like that.

    Nicki: But from my experiences, my 120mm Zaku Machinegun just doesn't jack much against the Gundam. Shouldn't we rather try to knock it over and subdue it with a ruse or ambush or supress it with a pincer move and let aces in stronger units like Gelgoogs go in for the killing blow?

    OZ Soldier: Gelgoogs? Whats that? And I thought I told you to leave the terrain outta this! There's no such thing as a unit resistant to bullets! Don't listen to these reports about Gundanium-

    Nicki: You mean Gundarium? Yeah, if its so hard to take down the Gundam, shouldn't we try avoiding it to preserve our numbers and assist a capable ace to increase our chances of success?

    OZ Soldier: Aces? you mean like Zechs?

    Nicki: Uh... yeah, like "Zechs" (I wonder who that is)... or any of the other aces! Maybe they should send a team of aces like the Black Tri-Stars!

    OZ Soldier: There are other aces in the OZ?

    Nicki: Aren't there? I mean you have Valder Farkill, right? And he has nothing better to do doesn't he? Why not send him to back Zechs up?

    OZ Soldier: Who? Whatever! Those hearsay things about some material being resistant to bullets and all is complete bogus! Its just a rumour!

    Nicki: But we have solid reports on this and-

    OZ Soldier: I said its bogus! When the Gundam comes, you just take out your trusty machinegun and pump it full of bullets!

    Nicki: But it's going to shoot back at me, right? Shouldn't I consider Evasive Maneuvers?

    OZ Soldier: What are those silly things you keep talking about? What the enemy is doing is completely irrelevant! Wether he's approaching you from afar brandishing a melee weapon charging a huge laser cannon over multiple seconds to shoot it at you, that is none of your concern! You're here to fight! So stand firmly in your fully exposed open place, ignore whats happening around you and keep on shooting! , its gonna work! I swear by my life and reputation as elite pilot!

    Nicki: Wow, really? thats great! I can't wait to face the Gundam in the simulator again now! If I even manage to beat the Gundam... Boy thats gonna surprise the Lieutenant Colonel for sure! Maybe I can even ask Charlotte out for a drink!

    OZ Soldier: You have social relations to your squadmates?

    Nicki: Yes, don't you?

    OZ Soldier: Well actually I don't know their names... they probably don't know their names either. We should seriously go ask Treize someday. But then again, if I had like friends and family that depend or care about me, it would upset people if I would die wouldn't it?

    Nicki: Yeah, war is a sad thing...

    OZ Soldier: War... we should have peace, but war is needed to bring peace, so war is peace and peace is war and war is war and... uh... PROFIT!!!

    Nicki: Huh?

    OZ Soldier: Well kid, thats not important to you, leave such discussions to smarter people, like 16 year old pubescent boys. Now go out there and make the world proud! Remember, we elite pilots must keep a standard, because if we'd all suck, anyone could just come and just whipe us out!

    Nicki: And that would heavily damage the repute of the elite pilots, yeah, I get what you mean there. I wouldn't be the one tarnishing the name of Midnight Fenrir Corps...

    OZ Soldier: Yes, though there's also a chance that people will think the people killing us would have mad awesome badass skills at piloting, the niveau of piloting mobile suits would plummet! But thats not going to happen as long as elite pilots like us are around, and I hope you grow to be like that as well!

    Nicki: Thank you so much! I hope we meet again, and be sure to ask Treize about your name so you can tell me!

    OZ Soldier: Hahaha, I will!

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