Second thread! Well, only 'coz my art thread, I found, was already closed. ^^;
Serves me right, for not being able to find the time to visit and update the thread.^^;;
Seeing the last posts in the my first thread though made me realize that I haven't done a proper pencil sketch for quite a while. *makes a mental note*

Anyway, I still would like to share my art attempts here ^^
So continuing from my first thread:

Here are my latest traditional pieces.
Please click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

Arabesques - version 2

White Lantern - Sketch
This is just a quick light sketch on watercolor paper. I intended it to be an under drawing. Will paint it the next free time I can steal :3

Tea Roses - Sketch
Just like the White Lantern, it's just a mere under drawing. I've finished loosely watercoloring it this month.

Tea Roses - Watercolor
This work is based on a friend's photo of roses.
I was glad she like the sketch & the painting and asked permission to post it on her blog.
Please give her a visit if you could spare a minute ^^

I also invite you to visit my artworks set on Flickr and my deviantART gallery if you would like to view my other art attempts. :3

That's it for now. Thanks for visiting.
Have a pleasant day ahead.