Besides in the show, what are some of your personal stories behind your cards?

Like a family member linked to a card, or you've been searching for a specific card for a long time and someone gave it to you, or something else special; like every time you play a specific card saves your behind XD.

No pics please, I'm sure most of us know what they look like already this is mainly to conserve space and to focus on the stories.

My best stories lie with the Blue-Eyes white dragon, Dark Magician, Mr. Volcano, and Blue-Eyes shining dragon.

With the blue eyes, I had always wanted three of them, yes I know quite cliche of me, but they where awesome and I didn't know everyone was after them.
This was the first time I bought any cards too, I thought that I could get a blue eyes in a booster pack, but being a naive little beginner I didn't know that they where mostly in the Seto Starter packs. Mom let me buy one of the booster packs (because it was cheaper) and that's where my story files in with Mr. Volcano.

He was a level 4 at that time, (currently a level 5 ) and unfortunately for me he was one of the first ones to be lost to the dreaded washer and dryer. I don't remember the other ones I had but some how he got out somewhat alright (because for some odd reason I had put them in a wrap of lined paper and I put him in the middle)

The Blue eyes shining dragon I revived from a duel with a bus buddy, he pretty much let me win -_- the brat. I don't like winning like that. And all just to give me a card :/ I wonder.......

Dark Magician I got after my brother left, well not forever but still he is a long ways away and I keep the card in my wallet.