Now its my turn to start this. Yay!!

Wearing: Blue jeans and a Coca Cola shirt.
Hair: gelled.
Make-up: n/a
Eating: nothing, but I am chewing my eraser.
Drinking: nothing (does my saliva count)
Thinking: Why does my schedule suck so much.
Feeling: bored
Talking to: a couple of friends.
Listening to: Chrono Crusade opening: Tsubasa wa Pleasure Line
Watching: A couple of people moving since we are getting kicked out if we aren't working on anything.
Loving: my friends
Hating: Fall semester 09 greatly
Wanting: To play RE4
Waiting for: My next class in 30 minutes.
Situation: I'm about to get kicked out... oh crud. *goes poof for a bit*