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Hello all,
Although I am a newbie to this forum, I've been into Gundam since I was 10. (14 years) I've seen and or own the following: Mobile Suit Gundam, Gundam 0080, 0083, Char's Counter Attack, 08th MS team, F91, Z Gundam, some of ZZ gundam (horrible anime, had to stop watching) Victory Gundam (best series yet) G Gundam, Gundam Wing, some of Seed, and a little of Gundam 00. Also most of Igloo and Gundam Evolve, but those don't really count

I did not see any votes for Uso Evin from Victory Gundam. He is in fact, the youngest Gundam pilot in Gundam history at 13 years old. Did I mention he's a total bada$$?

He's only 13 yet he manages to beat the living crap out of veteran pilots...WITH THEIR OWN SUITS at times. He's not even a real pilot. He's a farmboy who gets thrown into the fighting and he's a prodigy.

Sorry Heero fanboys...I think Uso takes the cake in my book. Plus, no offense, It's a MUCH better series. And just because I like UC better than later series, Char, Anavel Gato and definitely Norris Packard tie in a close second.

If you haven't seen Victory Gundam yet...DOWNLOAD IT. It's amazing. It's got a great story and it's not EMO like most of the series after UC. Hate me if you will, I mean no offense, but most of the gundam series after Universal Century just seem geared toward little tykes...
I haven't watched Victory Gundam so I can't comment on that(I might when I've finished 0079, Z & ZZ. And I strongly disagree with your opinion on non-UC series but there's no need to start a UC-non-UC battle.

I just read up briefly about Uso and he isn't a newtype which raises him on my list even though I haven't seen Victory. I haven't finished watching all the series where newtypes are the main protagonists but I personally prefer pilots who aren't newtypes.