I have submitted a song that is sung in English, and then I submitted an official Japanese translation of that song (in Kanji). And now I have transliterated the Kanji and I want to submit it. The only problem is that when I submitted the original English lyrics, I placed them in the "Main" field, which should be used for Romaji. And now my only option if I want to submit the Romaji is by using the "Submit English translation" link.

Is is OK if I use that link? (providing that I did NOT take the English translation test, which means that my ONLY option is to submit it as an official English translation O_o)

Yeah, that'd be super-breaking the rules. If I can't, at least can I PM the admin (probably AzureDark) with the lyrics and ask him to put them there for me??

The song link is:

In fact, the site displays the Romaji and the English translation together. This makes no sense when viewing an English song. So, is there a way to make the site display the English translation alone, and display the Romaji in the Kanji page?

If this is not possible currently, please consider this as a suggestion. This will be useful for songs like this (originally English, but translated to Japanese).