this thread is serious. the most inspired one. x.x
(And thats the kind of things we dont pay for. except in the case of Paulo Coelho.)

post yours too, so that this thread isn't poor. all the "inspiring" quotes you knw.

the next lil' quotes that will follow, prove that behind this mask of insanity, hides a a human so sensitive as that brazilian writer.
So, no laughs, k??
Lets get started.
K... *take a deep breath*

there's one coming by, wait. its appearing. ok!!
" In a road that have two ways, the hard is too choose wich of the ways too follow to reach our dreams. especially if in each one of these ways split in two (or more ways), and in one of these, there is a big and bad man whit a stick."

Ok, it isnt that bad. i'll try more.

here it comes! here it comes!

"Listen to your heart. When he stops pumping, it's really a bad sign. Call 911, if you can; if you can't, dont think more on it. Someone will take care of it."

that was better. now lets go to another one.

"When we take a sword to kill a dragon, its good that the cutting edge is been sharpened. Not bcuz of the dragon, since this legendary beast doesn't exist, but is natural that after we yell that we are going to kill a dragon, some ppl may appear to make us "rest" in a hospital, and they can be very rough."

this feels good. I'm able to write a book full of thoughts. That's it!!! Now, lets see where is the phone number of a publisher.