Blood and Akuma

Chapter 4: Summer Rain/Impending

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--------------------------------------------------------------------------Cross academy was experiencing unusually sweltering weather, for a location that was shaded by surrounding forests. Despite the summer heat, the Day Class students still donned their full uniforms, elaborate jackets and all. The air seemed to ripple with heat, and it got even worse once inside the school buildings. Even through their heavy sleep, Night Class students turned over restlessly in their beds; the entire campus was boiling over, almost literally. In a certain classroom, the exorcists fidgeted.

“How do all of them remain so calm and still?” Lavi groaned, leaning back in his chair, causing it to scrape the floor. His voice was loud to say the least, but none of the day class students stirred from their slumped positions on their desks. Lenalee wasn’t in this class, of course, or she would have chastised him, and maybe prevent more unfortunate events from happening.
“Um…Lavi-kun…I think it’s because they’re all asleep;” Miranda suggested shyly.
“EHH? Why didn’t I think of that?!” he exclaimed in (shockingly) real surprise.
“That’s because there IS no reason for stupidity.” Kanda bothered to inform him before standing up abruptly in his seat, and started unfastening the buttons of his blazer, clearly intending to take it off. “Yuu…what’re you doing? There’re girls here!!” Lavi yelled, excessively loud, but no-one bothered to turn around or even break out of the daze they were in.
Ano…Kanda, that’s not polite.” Allen admonished him through a mouthful of mango ice cream.
At Kanda’s name, all the girls turned around, eyes glinting. (Unknown to him, he had been labeled ‘eye candy’ the moment he stepped into their classroom.) “Urusei. I didn’t ask for your opinion.”
That was when the jacket came all the way off.
And the screaming began.

Yuki Cross jumped slightly at the screams; still, it awarded her a painful whack on the head from the stone window ledge she was crouching under. For a moment, she saw stars. “Oww….” She was endeavoring to sneak into the moon dorms to see senior Kaname; of her own will, for once. It hadn’t been easy going. The lush bushes around her weren’t making things any easier; they caught in her hair and uniform, making it difficult to move, added on to her crouched position. Flurried footsteps happened to stop right beside her as ahe tried to untangle herself.
“Kyaa~ Yori-chan, hurry up! It’s Kanda-kun, he’s taking off his shirt—“
“I don’t really want to see it…” poor Yori’s voice faltered, and then she was pulled by the wrist and forcefully dragged away. Yuki took a moment to pity her best friend before freeing herself, and crawling on. Zero would take care of the situation, she was sure.


The piercing screams invaded Zero’s eardrums as one of Bloody Rose’s bullets would have. He huffed warm air into the wood of his desk, not having the energy to reprimand anyone. To each man his own; the urge to sleep the day off, and his bloodthirst had been coming down harder on him then usual. Zero had no idea why, but the added heat made it worse, and all he knew was that it spelt him going off to some cool, dark corner to sleep it off. He had no idea where Yuki was, and for once, he didn’t really care.
Barely managing it, he stumbled to his feet, in the process triggering an acute wave of vertigo. Zero slammed his hands on the table, hard, to balance himself (causing the class to fall silent and look at him in alarm), then presently staggered out of the classroom after emitting a few laboured “Haaa”s. Upon finding a shaded patch of stone floor, he sank down upon it gratefully, dead to the world in every sense.
[消えて] *[2]
Kaname had sensed it, or rather smelt it, the very day the exorcists arrived.
Through the jarring smell of all the other exorcist’s innocence, hers was the only one that beckoned to him; it’s smell was almost inviting. The very scent made him sniff the air twice, always, when she was near. Her blood itself didn’t help. Just a tiny whiff of it made his fangs grow out. The very first time he’d smelt it, he knew it was dangerous. It had been an alarming experience; he hadn’t felt this bloodlust for centuries, maybe. Not even Yuki’s blood did that to him. Kaname barely managed to mask his expression of shock before the others discovered it.
The german exorcist, Miranda.
Chairman Cross practically flew into the classroom, worried for the safety of his precious ‘children’. Rouge vampires? Akuma?? These would not have surprised him; but instead what met his eyes was a topless Kanda, standing unabashedly in the middle of the room, nobody having bothered to stop him. Cross noted that Yuki and Kiriyu weren’t present, but what caught his attention more was Kanda’s day class jacket, carelessly thrown into a corner of the classroom, dusty and crumpled now.
“Gyaaah!!!” He swooped down to salvage it, and picked it up as gently as he would have an injured child. “Kanda-kun, wear your jacket. It has feelings too, you know!”
Kanda sniffed in distaste. This was the greatest crapload he had ever heard.
"It’s GAY.”
Cross crumpled to the floor in agony, and let the summer rain sweep him through.

Note: [1]: Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!
[2]: "Kiete", it means "Disappear".

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