Hey guys, just as the Title of this thread Say, we have to help robin to discover the History, So it will involve These :

The Ancient Kingdom
The World Government
The Will_of_D
The Void Century

And make sure to read The Part of Robin Past And What The scholar Clover Was Talking about.

*First Of All Let's Find out The Kingdom's Name :

When Clover was about to say its name was shot, so it remain unknown !!!
but there are people whose carry "D", and Dr. Kureha from Drum kingdom that it's
The Will Of D.
Let's say that That "D" is The First Letter of The Kingdom's name, but what's the proof ?
i don't have any but i think that all theses people who are called "D", came from ancient family that lived once in the ancient kingdom, Jaguar D. Daul said it all his family inherited that name.
so jaguar, monkey, Marshall and Gol should be family name, and "D" is the first letter of the kingdom where they reside, their origin !!

as dragon said :"Inherited will, the swelling of the changing times, And the dreams of people. These are things that cannot be stopped. As long as people seek the answer to freedom, these will never stop!"

*Let's see The Reason of The Hidden Weapon Poseidon & Pluton :

It's Probably created so that it could be used by The Their Descendants (The Ones Carrying "D" ) against The World Government.
i am sure it's not for revenge, but it's because they know their true attention, probably controlling the world, and they wanted them to stop them.

Share with me your thought ^^