I love the arc and so far only one things has really bugged me. That was that *Sob* Long-Haired-Ichigo was revealed already. I think they should have saved it for Ulquiorra's battle, but, hey, it'll still be epic.

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With Muramasa, everyone is believing it is Kenpachi's, I think not. I believe it is Tousens. Tousens Zanpakuto, the current one he is using, is not his, meaning where is his. I believe that Muramasa bleeds from his eyes from the fact that his own is blind, he has the power to set Zanpakuto free, Tousen his free from sight, or something like that. Whatever. I just think it his his.
Wow, that actually makes a lot of sense. If that happed I would be so happy, poor Tousen get's nothing.