The Seals of Onykieto, written by myself.

When Okysho Kenyaku discovers a sword that was said to be lost in time, his world is thrown into chaos as monsters begin to appear all over the town terrorizing his friends and loved ones. An ancient darkness awakens and begins to corrupt the world slowly.
A silent heart and a childhood love will grow and awaken. Emotions will awaken, hearts may break.

Swords, shields, magic, demons, love, hate, war and an ancient legend tying them all together...

What mysteries does this mythical blade possess? Can Okysho save his friends and family before they're all slaughtered?

The battle for ultimate power and peace begins with one shy teenage boy and a two thousand year-old legend hidden from the rest of the world. Will the world be saved? Or will darkness consume?

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I put about five years of work into this story so far, so if you like it at all, please recommend it to your friends!!