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2nd Night: Meet the Night Class
Yuki Cross watched the new students step out of the carriage from her perch on the rooftop of the Moon dormitory. As usual, Zero was beside her, his scowl in place. It was September; the cold night air billowed in small gusts around them. Yuki shivered.
“Ne, Zero.”
When the silver-haired vampire did not reply, Yuki continued anyway. “The new students are here. Want to go down and welcome them?” Zero stood up, indicating that he would follow her, but that he was not actually interested in what happened to the new students.
“Come on. It'll be a chance for you to meet new friends...” Yuki's tone sounded almost motherly. Zero snorted but followed her in making their way down the stairs anyway.
Kaname Kuran sensed the presence of the exorcists even before he rounded the corner of the school building. Their scent was different from that of normal humans; it was mixed with...the heavy air of...something like magic, but not quite like. His entourage, consisting of Seiren, Aido, Ruka and Shiki seemed to sense it too. Their reactions varied; Seiren and Ruka remained unconcerned, Shiki looked as if his interest had been piqued and Aido's back stiffened.
“Kaname-sama...what is that smell?”
Kaname sighed, choosing not to answer as the brick wall ended and they saw the exorcists. Four of them, a girl with long black hair, and three guys of varying age and nationality. A japanese with long blue-black hair, with an expression on his face that reminded Kaname greatly of a certain someone; a white-haired kid whom appeared to be fighting with him, and the last man was a red-head, with what seemed like a metal hammer balanced on his shoulder.
Must be heavy, Kaname thought idly, before striding forward.
“Kaname-sama...” Aido's (somewhat irritating) voice intruded on his thoughts. “Yes, Aido?”
“If I'm not wrong...Aren't there supposed to be five exorcists?”
“Ah...” Kaname stopped short, the rest of the vampires with him. As if on cue, the female exorcist proceeded to enter the carriage, and when she came out, she brought along another female exorcist, this one with a frightened expression on her face and around her eyes what looked like dark circles. She kept glancing around, as if expecting something to attack her. If she was a little more confident, she would be almost pretty, Kaname mused.
“It's okay, Miranda-san. They won't mind you--”
“--trodding on their perfectly-maintained lawn.” The red-haired exorcist finished with a grin.
“Kiiii!!!!!! I'm sorry! I'm so so so sorry!!! Gomene! Gomenasai!!!” yelling this, she began to bow deeply, in all directions, all the while screaming apologies at top volume, and trying to straighten the blades of grass, all at top speed. Kaname stepped forward in alarm. The red-haired guy glanced up. “Oh, hi! I'm Lavi!”
“Is...is she all right?”
“Ah, that's Miranda! Don't worry, she's always like that. It's normal! That's Lenalee, Kanda and Moyashi.” This earned him a shout: “It's ALLEN!”
He didn't even seem to be surprised at the vampires' unnatural beauty. In fact, the Japanese man looked bored, and Kaname got the impression that he was saying inwardly: “Keh.”
“We haven't had a formal introduction yet. I'm Kaname Kuran, President of the night class and Leader of the Moon Dorm. This is Seiren, Senri Shiki, Ruka Soen and Hanabusa Aidou. We are all in the Night class as we are vampires, but all of you will be in the Day class. There are more vampires that you have not met.” At this point, Kanda and Allen stopped to listen. Even Miranda.
“You will not see much of us in the daytime unless we have some important mission to attend to. Sometimes we will have to make our hours flexible, which might mean losing some sleep, or all of it, and going to school the next day.” Kaname paused to smile briefly at the horrified looks on Allen and Lavi's face. “That's what Komui-san had to say...your dorms are over there.” and pointed in the general direction of the Sun dorms.
“What?! Komui, the jerk! I knew he would take advantage of this--”
“--to make us study and work for him at the same time...!”
It's just TOO CRUEL!”
Allen and Lavi huddled together in a corner, sobbing and the like. Lenalee walked up to them and whacked them both on the head, while Kanda strode off towards the dormitory. Miranda was frenziedly trying to straighten the grass again. Kaname watched them, sweatdropping. What kind of weird people ARE exorcists?
He turned around, and saw Yuki walking towards him timidly, with Zero in her wake.
“Yuki.” Just saying her name, he felt the comforting rush that came with it, a familiar warmth.
“Is it okay if I welcome them...?”
“Of course it is.”
Kaname watched her walk off, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. The chocolate brown of her hair was so beautiful. The he wiped the smile off his face and turned to Zero.
“Kiriyu...one of the exorcists just moved in to share a room with you. I think the two of you will get along very well...”
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