This guide is built to cover anything you need to know about Utgarde Keep. It's got video, a map,

loot, boss strats, a bestiary, an achievement guide, the lore of the dungeon, and even individual

class guides tailored to help you get the most out of the instance. While it is possible to use this

guide for the normal non-heroic instance, most of the information you will find here is based off the

heroic (level 80) version of the instance. Please keep this in mind, particularly when reviewing the

loot and achievement pages.

To navigate your way around the guide, simply click on the links at the top of the page to where you

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Dungeon Overview

For those WoW players starting their Northrend adventures in the Howling Fjord, Utgarde Keep is the

first dungeon players may decide to conquer. Utgarde Keep is located along the shores of Lake

Cauldros. Get some fishing in while waiting for your group to assemble. It is the first part of two

instances in the same area. Donít get confused and head to Utgarde Pinnacle. There are two entrances

to Utgarde Keep, which happen to be right next to each other. If traveling by land to Utgarde watch

out for the mobs just outside the entrances.

First time dungeon runners will have the option of picking up a quest or two at the beginning of the

instance. Depending on how youíve been questing prior to entry to Utgarde Keep players both Horde and

Alliance may have additional quests that can be completed within the instance.
Blizzard does a great job of exposing players to a great looking dungeon. It has the feel of running

through a Norse stronghold. Although halfway through youíll wonder why any stronghold needs this many

stairs. Maybe Ingvar will hope players die of exhaustion on their trek to him?
The denizens of Utgarde Keep are comprised of mostly humanoids, with just a bit of Undead and

Protodrakes for flavor. Feel free to use all those crowd control techniques youíve come to know and

If players can manage it bring a Paladin along to tank. Itís not necessity but it does make those

Undead encounters a bit smoother. Additionally any Shadow protection the group can muster will make

boss encounters a bit easier. These bosses love Shadow damage.
First Boss: Prince Keleseth and his amazing Frozen Tomb


Second Boss: The Dalronn the Controller and Skarvald the Constructor, try singing these names to the

Itchy and Scratchy theme, makes for fun Ventrilo.

Third and Final Boss: Ingvar the Plunderer, just when you think heís out. They pull him back in. You

íll see why.

Guide Credits
Benjamin J. de la Durantaye - Managing Editor

Jason Bolton - Video Script & Druid
Jeff Francis - Bestiary & Rogue
Dave Garber - Loot & Warlock
Joe Iuliani - Overview & Shaman
Jay Johnson - Achievements & Paladin
Stacy Jones - Lore & Hunter
Matt Lowery - Video, Video Editing, & Priest
Byron Mudry - Boss Strats & Death Knight
David Piner - Map & Mage
Adam Stow - Video & Warrior
Reuben Waters - Video Musical Score

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