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Thread: Ako Vs Magnus Ch.2-magnus Vs Mechas!

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    Default Ako Vs Magnus Ch.2-magnus Vs Mechas!


    (Note:this chapter of the story will have in-joke appearances of characters parodied off various animes involving mechas and related material.
    See if you can spot and identify with any that Magnus runs into before he makes spare parts out of them all. Enjoy!)

    Magnus continued his run throughout the city of Graviton,he continued to smash apart anything he could find a threat to mecha.

    He took a young high school student's laptop and crushed it.

    "HEY!"shouted the schoolgirl. "I WAS FREAKIN'CHATTING THERE YOU BASTARD!"

    Magnus snarled at her.
    "You wanna chat with people,do it in person or at least on a normal phone,not this piece of junk!"

    And with that,he took off again into the streets.

    "Humph--kids these days."Magnus thought.

    He then saw some people at an ATM machine.

    "Another of those damn things!"said Magnus.

    He shoved the people in line aside and rammed his very fist through it.

    Magnus made a hole so big that all the wads of japanese yin exploded from it,causing all the people on the block to go frantic in catching as much money as they could get their mitts on.

    "Another job done for the people!"he said and then ran off.
    "Who the hell was that lunatic?"said a businessman.
    "Dunno,maybe a decedant of Robin Hood?"said another man.

    Magnus then ran off into another alley,his homer device(A wrist device he wears that warns him of incipient or potential robottechnology on the rise.)
    " the alleyways eh?"he thought. "I might've known."

    But when he made his way into the alley he found...

    ..a pair of teen kids.

    They were a boy and a girl,both the same height and size and were wearing typical teen street clothes that had a strange blue ribbon symbol stamped on their jackets.

    The girl had shoulder length red hair and the boy had shoulder length blue hair and both wore an evil look of cockiness in thier eyes.

    "Huh--what th--?"said Magnus.

    "This is it 7."said the girl.
    "We've pinpointed the location of the maiyajin and his friends."
    "That's right,8."said the boy. "We're gonna set out what our creators in the blue ribbon army programmed us to do..find and kill the one Okug and all potential targets to our plans."
    "Yeah,so let's do it!"said 8.

    "Excuse me."said Magnus as he approached the malicious pair.
    "Just what is this i'm hearing about you two going off and killing someone?"

    "Huh--?"said 7. "And just who might you be,red?"
    "My name's not important."said Magnus. "I came here to find and destroy cans--robot cans that is..and what do I find here--but..a pair of kids?"

    "Kids are we?"said 8. "Look fyi,we're on an important mission,so..unless you wanna get fried where you stand human,you'd better scram and do it now!"

    "Human..?"said Magnus. "Of course..that's why Homer is warning're both--CANS!"
    "Cans are we?"said 7. "We're android cyborgs you dunce--and we'll prove it by using you as a target practice!"
    "STARTING NOW!"said 8.

    The two droids aimed their hands at Magnus and both blasted a yellow energy pulse of power at him.


    The ground exploded around Magnus and a puff of smoke formed where he stood.

    "Feh,too easy if ya ask me."said 8. "Humans are such cream puffs."
    "Well,at least it shows our built in weapon systems are 100% perfect. Now..enough practicing..let's.."

    "You missed--assholes."said a voice above them.
    "Huh?"said 7 as he and 8 looked up and saw the form of Magnus coming down at them.

    The Robot fighter came crashing down on both androids,knocking them both down to the ground.

    "My turn..CANS!"he said as he got back up.

    "Human--you just made a big mistake!"said 8 as he aimed his hand at the enemy.
    "Yeah,right."said Magnus as he dove at the android and grabbed his arm.

    "HEY--ERRRGH--LEGGO!"grunted 8.
    "Sure,after I do this!"said Magnus.

    He pulled and tore 8's very arm off,causing the droid to screech in pain.

    Green fluid and wires poured out from his broken shoulder.
    "Gimme a break,you're not supposed to live and feel things like humans do!"

    And with that,Magnus took 7's arm and slammed it against his face,knocking the punk droid backwards and into a garbage can or two.

    "Brother!"said 8. "DIE YOU *******!"

    8 fired again,but Magnus dodged it and then came right at her,shoulder ramming the cyber ***** in the chest and then grabbing her by the hair of her head.
    "HEY--WATCH THE HAIR!"she said.

    "About that crack about humans?"said Magnus. "I'm gonna show you how kick *** resilient we really are,starting now!"

    He then pulled and threw 8 into her fallen brother,knocking them both down to the ground.

    Once down,he then grabbed them both by the hair of their heads,and then rammed them both together,causing a small but effective explosion.


    "HAH!"said Magnus as he wiped his gloves off of the sludge he made of the two droids.
    "ANDROIDS MY ***---I FOUGHT BETTER LOOKING KILLER ROBS THAN YOU TWO! Now--onto my next targets..wherever they be."

    Magnus then took off into the alleys once again.
    Suddenly,his homer went off again.

    "So soon?"said Magnus."What could it be this time?"

    In answer,he saw what was ahead.

    He saw a group of boys,all dressed up as bikers leaning against the wall of a local bar.
    They were drinking and popping pills.

    The lead one was wearing a red and black biker outfit and was sitting atop his motorcycle,a large red and shiny bike with the words..SPEED across it's sides.

    "Bikers.."said Magnus. "Using mecha disgusting! And getting wasted at a place they're too young to go to!"

    "Hey Sanada."said one of the youths. "Looks like we got company."

    "Huh?"said Sanada. "Hey,what's your beef pops?"

    "That bike."said Magnus. "Get off it---NOW!"

    Sanada just smirked at him. "I didn't her you right,old man. You say you want me to get off my prized bike?"
    "Yeah,you want me to give you a spaking squirt?"said Magnus. "Just step right up."

    "Ooo."said one of the punks. "He's asking for it."
    "Alright tight pants."said Sanada. "You want it so bad,then try and knock me off--WHILE I RUN YOU DOWN WITH IT!"

    Sanada started the engine and revved up the motor,causing the bike to give off a savage yet loud rumbling noise.

    Magnus said nothing and stood his ground.

    Sanada smiled and then took off towards his intended.
    "ROADKILL!"he sang as he sped right at him.

    But just before Sanada could collide with Magnus,the fighter rammed his fist right through the front of it,causing the biker to fall off and onto his rump.

    "WHAT THE HELL?"said Sanada in suprise.
    Magnus,using his superhuman strength lifted the bike up,with his fist still through the front of it.

    "GRRRRRRAAGGGH!"he roared and then threw the bike up against a wall.
    "MY BIKE!"said Sanada.

    The other bike members looked on in fear and horror as Magnus went over to their mecha laiden bikes and started doing the same to them.

    Within seconds,the rest of the bikes were just all scrap by the time he was done with them.

    "Now--get the hell outta here before I do the same to you mecha lovers!"he said.

    "YAAAAAHH!"screamed the gang as they ran off into the darkness of the alleys.

    "Hey--c'mon ya pussies--he's just one man!"said Sanada.

    Magnus picked the punk up by the back of his jacket.
    "You'd better do the same--kid!"he said.

    "UUuuuuhhh--okay..okay.."whimpered Sanada.
    "Good."said Magnus as he set him back down.

    "Mooommiiee!"he cried as he ran off into the alleys.

    "AND STAY IN SCHOOL DAMMIT!"shouted Magnus.
    "Man,looks like i've got my work cut out for me here."

    Magnus then ran off into another alley,ready for anything to come along.

    Minutes then went into hours and then became days as Magnus continued his one man war against the city's mecha creations.

    He came to an air force base that had jet fighters that transformed into giant robots.

    Magnus simply grabbed ahold one of the jets and threw into the rest of them,causing them explode on impact.

    "HEY!"said a pilot named Dick.

    Magnus grabbed the brown haired pilot by the collar of his coveralls and lifted him up.
    "You wanna keep walking,you'd better go fly a normal plane or something,chump!"he said before he dropped him back down.

    And with that,Magnus walked off,and left the airbase.
    "MAN---and I was gonna take and bang Mingmay in that thing later tonight--WHO THE HELL WAS THAT BASTARD?"said Dick.

    Magnus then came across a group of humans wearing mecha suits of armor.
    "Great!"he said. "Humans encased in mecha cans--this isn't gonna be easy!"

    But within a matter of minutes,he took out the Knights that were wearing them and naturally stripped them off,reducing them to a group of women in their underwear.

    "EEEKK--PERVERT!"screamed a green haired woman.
    "WE'LL GET YOU FOR THIS YA BASTARD!"said a brown haired woman.
    "You wanna fight crime?"said Magnus. "Then get some normal costumes for a change,not these suffocating garbage cans!"

    Magnus then took off again,leaving the humilated knights in an alley.
    "He's not gonna get away with that!"said a blonde haired woman.
    "Come on,let's get back to HQ--we'll call on a friend of ours--THE CYBERMAN!"
    "Yeah,Cyber'll kick his *** in no time flat!"said the brown haired woman.

    Magnus then came across a vending machine against an office building.
    It had been awhile since he ate.

    He simply ripped open the machine and grabbed at some packaged pastries and a cola or two.

    After eating,he sat down on a bench in the park nearby.

    "Whoo man.."he said. "...this is tough work,more than anything I fought in North Am. I..wonder if i'll ever see my friends of family again. least I won't miss that damned robot the good shepherd again.
    He deserves to be canned like the rest of a junkpile."

    Suddenly,Homer went off again.

    "Hoo boy--it never stops does it?"he said. "Okay where to this time?"

    The direction led off to a large school atop a hill.

    "Hmmm.."he said. "....a school?
    Where there's a school,there must be--teaching and mecha cans up there,probably brain washing our poor children into that crap now!

    Well..whatever the hell's up there,I won't stand for it--HERE I COME!"

    Magnus then took off towards his latest destination.

    But little did he suspect how much trouble he was going to get he headed for the Graviton school for girls.



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    Y'know..i'd really,really appreciate it if someone or anyone would just give this a reply. Please give me one on this,and a good one.

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