hey folks i just joined so here's to me hopefully building a reputaion BEFORE i make you hate me!

I'm 21 years old and recently finished my 3rd year as a mechanical engineering student at UAB. I'm from hoover,alabama but am currently in nashville tn for an internship at a recording studio here (crazy right? throwing away engineering to chase the dream ). I was way into anime up until high school at which point i got sick of it for some reason so i went through a dry spell until a few days ago. Ironically, i was president of the Japanese Club the year before i went AWOL on the anime world! I dont remember any Japanese now though, just goes to show what a waste high school can be i guess haha!

In the past couple of days i've watched all of Gantz, Abenobashi, and Fruits Basket, and i feel my long since extinguished love for the medium coming back with guns blazing! Its even taking some time away from the two major hobbies in my life: Guitar and Video games!

If any of you are musicians i'm a 3rd year member on the Seymour Duncan User Group Forum so i highly recommend it! For video game stuff i mostly lurk on Kotaku and Joystiq, though i never post! So if any of you like to talk music gear or exchange Playstation Network ID's (mine is the same as my user name!) please hit me up! i also have an Xbox Live account (same name) but i only use it to play horde mode on Gears 2 with a buddy of mine (its his xbox haha)

AAAANYWAY! no one will probably read past the first line of this much less click the thread so i'll shut up

PS: pedobear is my avatar because he is damn hilarious, NOT because i'm a pedo!