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Thread: Itsuka sora ni (Gundam 0080)

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    Default Itsuka sora ni (Gundam 0080)

    First things are first: link

    I was about translating it, but the romaji version holds many errors errrors
    First, the title is "Itsuka sora ni todoite", instead of "Itsuka sori ni todoite"
    Then, it forgots the first verse:
    "Can you see,
    that you are free?
    oh, let me love you so"

    Then it follows...

    "Kakaekirenai yumega iru" ---> "yume ga aru" (maybe a typo, but a big grammar error, too)
    "Tsukurareta sekaino nakao" ---> "naka wo"
    "Sou shinjitery kara" ---> "shinjiteru kara"
    "Mukuchi niatte shimau kedo" ---> "ni natte"
    "Ima ma aa nakata" ---> "deaenakatta"
    "Airo shiritaino" ----> "Ai no"

    And some "spaces" quite curious. Yes, there are almost no rules on how you should write in romaji "空にとどけば", but if you wrote "sorani todo ke ba" in the first verse, maybe you should stay with it and do not turn it into "soranitodokeba" in the last one.

    My version is attached.

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