Ooookay. So, here's the thing. I live in Belgium, so my native tongue is all my stories are in Dutch. Dx

But, I wanted to know what you guys thought of them, so I decided to transelate them. For now, I've only transelated the prologue. The first chapter should pop up today too.

Happy reading. <3



Oh dear, it seems Pologan didn't clean up while I was gone, it's so dusty in here. Pologan? Pologan?! Where are you? Pologan, I demand you come before me this- ah, there you are. Why haven't you cleaned anything up here while I was gone? Television? What have you been watching? A soap serie? Which one? Oh? Did Haley kill George or not? I knew it!
Oh well, might as well do it myself. Now, where are my glasse- oh here on my head, how silly of me. Ah, sitting down, grabbing a book and just relax... Oh, hello, I didn't notice you were here. I'm Chronos, God of space and time, welcome to my humble home. It's not big, but it sure is comfortable. Oh, you are human? Why didn't you tell me so, I find you humans so interesting! There are millions of stories going on in the world. Going from the smallest one of a girl picking up an apple from a plate to the largest one where a soldier fights for his life to once more see his family. I don’t know every single one of them, but let me tell you, one by one, they’re all marvelous stories for sure. The reason? Humans are marvelous. They show emotions and act according to those emotions. If you are hungry, you will eat. If you are sad, you will cry. If you desire something from the bottom of your heart, you will thrive to succeed in getting it. If you feel anger, you will destroy. If you feel happiness, you can fly. Humans have always let themselves run by emotions. Emotions are something strange. Although I place a name upon one emotion, the description is wrong. I call the emotion of destruction: anger. And yet not everyone who is angry destroys. Or, the emotion called love. You don’t share the same love for your friends as for the person you spend the rest of your life with. Every single part of this system it is just spectacular. But why is it that, if every human possesses emotions still have different stories? That is because they have different emotions from each other, which makes every individual unique and marvelous at the same time. Whether a person is a terrorist and destroys lives for a belief or a policeman protects the innocent by sacrificing himself because he thinks justice should prevail, they are all unique in their own way but yet the same. They follow their own emotions, going their own way. If you have guessed this all right, then you are still in the game. Not many follow my philosophy and some have become confused and stopped reading. Oh, I shouldn’t speak out loud, poor you. But I can not let you just go like that. I feel like you’re missing out on something. Ah, I know. How about we take a look at one specific story, as a gift from me, to you? Let us see...which book should I - oh, here. This is one of my favorites. It's kind of dusty, I haven't read this book in ages!