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Thread: original fiction:Knights of Geo:ch.1

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    Default original fiction:Knights of Geo:ch.1

    Two years ago was when we first decided to go public.We thought we would be excepted among humans,we were wrong.I am one of the last surviving knights since the modern crusade.I only survived because I lied and betrayed my friends. We had no idea that the empire would turn on us like that.They came hard and fast so that we didn't see it coming.I am now the leader of the Knights of Geo (soft g).For those of you living under a rock;Two years ago the Knights of Geo went public.The Knights are a group of people that bannded together to protect each other from those who feared them and wanted to destroy them.The reason people feared them is because they posessed a power not of this world,the power of the geo glyphs.
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