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Thread: Original Story: Children of the Gods

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    Default Original Story: Children of the Gods

    To start, I would like to state that if any "plagiarism" exists in this story, it is accidental. This is really my first work, and I will warn you now, I am not, nor have I ever been, an artist of any kind. Therefore, I cannot say if this story will, at all, be original. All I can do is give it a shot and see if my writing and ideas are creative. Also, please tell me if anything in this is offensive, as some people may be sensitive to certain issues in this story.

    Prologue --------------------------

    Long ago, in an empty space between the stars, eight beings came together to create the land. These being were known as the Gods, each one having their own unique ability. With each others' help, they created the world, and endowed the gift of life upon it.

    First, Domare gathered together the other Gods. He presented them with a list of laws that would be enforced upon the world. With all agreeing to these laws, he created them, and made them possible. All existence would be bound to these laws.

    Next, Eld, togther with Ljus, reached out their hands. Eld, with her power of heat and flame, summoned what power she could into the tips of her fingers. She gathered together and enormous ball of heat, which emitted a faint glow. Ljus then put his hand upon the massive body of heat, and brought the brightness of light to the empty space. However, the great ball would not last long without something to support it. Luft came to them and offered her assistance. She was able to create a source that would keep the bright ball of flame burning ever longer. The Sun had been created.

    Domare next called upon Jordart. Jordart used his power to create a solid foundation for all living this to exist on and inhabit. He had created a great, brown rock made of all sorts of minerals and metals. He made great mountains, and caves filled with glittering stones, and gave each type a different name. And then, he finished to give the name of his great creation, the name of Terra.

    But the work was not done yet. Domare had called upon Luft, Vatten, Liv, and Skugga. Skugga put her dark hand upon the world, and created the shadow that hid from the light, giving birth to the time of night, when the sun would set with Terra's rotation. Vatten then poured hs great power onto the red planet, filling fissures and deep areas with water. Luft soared across the planet, bringing air to it, then, together with Vatten, they created the great, blue atmosphere which would give wind and rain to the great body. Finally, Liv came down to the surface of Terra. She pulled out a single strand of her hair and buried it in the soil. A tree suddenly sprouted from the ground, and began to grow. She then pealed of a single piece of flesh, and from is came creatures of all sorts, all running freely across their new home. The great land of Terra was now complete with the gift of life.

    After their hard work, Domare had ordered the Gods to retire, and exist within the heart of the great planet. One final task was assigned though. Each of the Gods would have Children to inhabit the land. Many races of people would be born, each of them filled with Domare's great knowledge. And each race would be given a fragment of one God's power. These Children of the Gods were also known as Elementals.

    The Children of Ljus were white-skinned, being granted with the ability to bring light into the darkest places, so long as one minor source existed. They would also be able to condense that same energy into a photonic form.

    The Children of Skugga were dark-skinned. They were granted with the ability to manipulate and hide in the shadows. By reaching their shadows onto another's, they could still their movements, even to the point of limiting one's breathing.

    The Children of Eld had pigments of red, and possessed the power of heat and flame. So long as their was a source of heat, they could manipulate that heat, making it even hotter and expanding it. They are potentially stronger during the day, when the sun fills the atmosphere with warmth.

    The Children of Vatten had skin of blue. With the ability to control water, they could even condense it to make ice, and gather what water was in the air. An advanced Child could even reach inside another being to control their blood, or even manipulate the water within plant life.

    The Children of Jordart were brown-skinned, and could control the solid earth. So long as they have any form of mineral, they can manipulate it shape, and create a small, but dense ball of pure earth. If one could advance their talents, they can even manipulate metals. Some of the most advanced ones can even manipulate the minserals within another person's body.

    The Children fo Luft had skin of a light bluer green. With the ability to manipulate the air, they could create air currents, and whirlwinds. More advanced users could lift their bodies with the air around them and fly or glide. And some can even control the air within another being's lungs.

    The Children of Liv had green skin. These people could communicate with any form of life around them, even talk to trees and flowers. They can also manipulate plant-life to an extent, wrapping an enemy with vines and roots, and even using leaves and stems as lethal weapons.

    Each Elemental had their own unique powers. Domare, however, did not have children. Instead, he granted all life with the innate ability to think, comprehend and judge. He also created another law that was not known to the other Gods, and it was not apparrant until the Elementals started to breed with one another. Should their genetics mix, the child's skin will become one of the color of which ever gene is dominant. However, the child would become a mere human being, possessing no power of any kind. Only if the child's blood is at least 87.5% pure of one race, should they be granted with the ability to manipulate the forces.

    12,000 years....

    The planet is inhabited by over 160 million people. Elementals have become a rare breed in this day and age. Even those that are found to be Elementals are often turned away and shunned. Those that are genuine Children of the Gods, those that were the original people to have dominion over the planet, no longer have say in any affair. And with such a low populous, the ways and teachings of the arts that were once passed down by each tribe are an incredibly rare find. Threrefore, even those who are pure of a God's blood are bound to have weak abilities. Many don't even discover their hidden abilities until they've reached their midlives. Domare is society's most accepted God. Anyone who is found to worship one of the other seven Gods is often stoned in public. For anyone to take pride in their Godly heritage, it has become a great sin. And no forgiveness is handed to those that oppose to the accepted ways.

    Slavery has become a common practice in these days. The world seems to have hit a dark age. The population 20 years ago was actually around 240 million. over 80 million have died, and only few of those that are born have been surviving past two years of age. It seems like the younger ones are more susceptible to a Plague that hit our lands about 22 years ago. Some treatments have appeared, but it's only available to those that can afford it. Peasants aren't typically treated with enough kindness to get that treatment. As such, if a peasant is struck with the Plague, they are often taken away to suffer the remainder of their lives in the wilderness.

    Most of the kings of this world have become corrupt. As they sit on their thrones, getting fat from all the riches they have at their disposle, many of the people in their kingdoms are suffering. The Plague has hit hard, affecting the animals on farms and the crops are no longer well-maintained because so many peasants on those farms die each day, and are replaced with other peasants who lack the knowledge of growing and harvesting crops. But that's not all, the beasts that attack people are also affected by it, but in a different way. A typical farm animal or a human often begins with symptoms of coughing up accessive amounts of mucus. After two days, the lungs start to rot, causing and immense amount of pain and difficulty breathing. Finally, 3-5 days after, the mind becomes delusional. the lungs soon begin to stop funtioning. The victim dies only a few hours after this symptom occurs. But with the beasts, they only show the first symptom. After that, they experience increased aggression. This aggression continues for about two months. After that, their nervous system starts to malfunction. 4-5 days after that, their nervous system completely fails, organs cease to funtion, thus resulting in their death.

    Some people blame the Goddes, Liv for the Plague, saying that she is now trying to bring death to the people of Terra by poisoning them. Because of this, all those with green skin are being hanged and stoned in public for being visible descendants of Liv. The world is now undergoing a state of chaos. the nations of Yeta, Tamor and Frege have been undergoing a great war that has now been lasting for 9 years. And even those that aren't at war are suffering from the Plague and starvation.

    Episode 1: Call Upon the Wind -------------------------

    Elia was sixteen years old. Her skin was a light, blue-green color, depicting her obvious Wind Elemental descent. She had long, blue hair, green eyes, and a very proportionate face. She would be very beautiful, if only she weren't a peasant. She mainly served to keep the property looking tidy. Because of this, she was a rather skinny, and often dirty-looking girl. She was about 5'4" tall, but weighed in only around 80 lbs. Every morning was the same. Wake up before sunrise. Eat a single piece of bread and a small hand full of almonds. Then it was get yelled at by her master for taking five minutes just to get up and eat her food. After that, it was pull the weeds in the front yard and remove any rocks that made it look "ugly." After that, it was pulling the weeds in the back yard, and the back yard was big. The entire proparty was around six acres. It was a lot to maintain for one person. Everyday, a new weed would sprout. A new rock would appear, another branch would fall off the tree. If the proparty wasn't clean, it was a good scholding and ten wacks to the back. If a branch was there the next morning, "You didn't pick up all the branches yesterday!" another ten wacks. Just about everyday, she would get ten wacks, sometimes even twenty or thirty. The day was always miserable. Always the same dirty work, always getting blisters and cuts, always getting beaten and bruised on the back, just plain miserable.

    Her master, Gord, was a wealthy man with red skin, indicating that he is descended partly from the Children of Eld. He inherited his property, and his money, from his late parents. He was set for life. Never did he have to work, never did he have to worry about paying taxes, and never did he have to worry about his house. It was always kept tidy by his maid, who he often harassed sexually. What a disgusting man he was. He was getting fatter by the day, his smell was unpleasant from the food that he ate, and from bathing only once every seven to ten days, even though he could easily bathe every day. He was a well-hated man by his two servants. Elia was always getting scolded and hit, while his indoor servant, Sera, was always getting sexually assaulted.

    Sera was seventeen years of age. She had brown skin, a descendant of Jordart's Children. Her hair was black, and her eyes, also brown. And she was beautiful. In fact, Gord got her from a special auction. She was one of the Primary Model Servants, which cost about as much as five good acres of land. In fact, he traded five acres just to buy her. But Sera was also very suicidal. She never wanted to live a life without freedom. She tried to commit suicide a number of times, especially after being purchased by Gord. Eventually, he ended up putting her on a leash just to keep her away from the knives that she used to cook with.

    Elia had finally finished her work, right when the first star appeared in the sky. Today was one of those few miraculous days. There was nothing that Gord could scold at her or beat her about. She did everything. The weeds were pulled, the rocks and branches were gone, and she had even brought in some squirrels that she had killed. Gord hated squirrels with a passion. The buck teeth reminded him of his delusional father, who had large front teeth. Of course, Elia still only got a poor meal. Every morning was bread and almonds. Lunch was a whole onion, and dinner was a small slice of salted pork, and a pear. Sera used sneak more food out to Elia, but Gord caught her, and had beaten Elia and Sera both, thirty times each. Elia decided she didn't want Sera to get hurt anymore, so she insisted that she stop.

    Elia's room didn't consist of much. She slept in the attic. Sera dusted for her every week or so, but is was still an unpleasant place to sleep. The draft would come in, she slept on the hard floor, and she was only allowed one blanket. Every night, Elia would wish for something bad to happen to Gord. She would always wish that the Plague be brought upon him, without any treatment. She would watch and laugh at him as he suffered during the last few days, while she was sitting in his favorite rocking chair. She wanted him dead, but he was always watching. Gord knew Elia wanted him dead. She once tried to take a rake to his head. Gord was lazy, but he was clever. His uncle was a knight, and he taught him well. Gord always had his beating stick with him. And he would sometimes swing it as if it were a sword. Sometimes, he would still even practice. That's about the most physical activity he would get. Elia received a good fifty whacks for trying that, and had to go three days without food. Gord swore that next time she tried it, he would cut off all of her fingers, break all of her limbs, and chain her to a tree. If only she could have him killed.

    The next day had come, and Elia woke up at the usual time. She ate the same piece of bread, and the same handful of almonds. Gord told her to go outside to eat her almonds, and then go straight to work. Sera was on her leash, as usual. Elia looked at her for a moment. She looked different somehow. Elia couldn't put her finger on it, but Sera had a different look on her face than she normally did. Usually, it was just the typical straight face, with just a touch of poutiness in her eyes. But her face looked serious. Before she could put her finger on it, Gord shouted at her. "Elia, you dumb *****, get pulling those damned weeds!" Elia went outside.

    The sky was clear and there was no wind. Elia started doing her usual chores, and she was thinking about the look on Sera's face. Although they didn't communicate much, Elia and Sera knew what the other was thinking just by the look on the other's face. It was a different kind of friendship from most. Elia tried to get it out of her head and focus on pulling the weeds. She felt a sudden wind. It started to wrap around her, like a whirlwind. Her thoughts were still on Sera, but she could tell there was a wind blowing around her. She suddenly got up to move to the next patch of weeds, and the wind disppeared.

    The day was nearing its end, and Elia had just realized that she hadn't eaten lunch. She was almost done. There didn't seem to be as many weeds this time, and not so many branches had fallen off the trees. Squirrels weren't wondering around the yard as much. They must have realized by now that many squirrels that run on the property end up dead. Elia picked up her tools and walked slowly to the tool shed. She then turn to go into the house. As she stepped into the house from the back door, she saw that Gord wasn't in his chair. She then had a strange feeling. The atmosphere was different somehow.

    Something was missing. She ran into the kitchen, nobody. She ran into the other room, still nobody. She then ran down the hall into Sera's room, and found the answer. Elia's eyes widened, and her blue-green face started to transition into a pailish color. She looked in shock as she saw Sera's body laying on the floor, and a puddle of blood around and underneath her. Elia's eyes started to water, and she stumbled backwards. She saw, next to Sera, one of the knives that she used in the kitchen. Gord was sitting next to her. He looked up and saw Elia in the doorway. "The dumb ***** finally did it." Sera had killed herself.

    Elia started to cry. Gord was already pissed that his prized servant killed herself. He then turned to Elia. "Shut up you ****! Do you want me to beat you?!" Gord immediately grabbed his beating stick. Elia was trying to get up, but she was unable to under shock. Gord grabbed Elia's shirt by the collar and threw her on the floor. He raised his stick and beat her. Once, twice on the head. Elia covered her head. Three, four, five, six on the back. Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, beating her on the arms and the legs. Finally, Elia got up and limped her way to the attic. Gord was about to chase her, but was to blind with anger.

    Elia was in the attic and there was no draft. She was crying, hysterical. Sera, the only friend she ever had, was now dead, and Gord had hit Elia pretty good this time. "Gord," she thought. "It's his fault," she said to herself. "If he hadn't treated us like this, we wouldn't have been so miserable." Elia gritted her teeth. She tightened her fist and started to tremble, her eyes became full of pure anger and envy, and the wind began to blow.
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