hey guys, i was wondering if anyone has heard of the sports manga called "the prince of tennis" or "tenisu no oujisama". its hugely popular in japan, and really good. (check wikipedia!). but i cant seem to find any fans on any other sites to discuss it with! has anyone here read the manga or watched the show?

for those who would like to check it out, its about a 12 year old boy named Ryoma Echizen, who is extremely good at tennis. finishing his junior tournaments in america, he returns to japan to attend Seishun Gakuen Academy and join the school tennis team. their goal is to defeat all the different schools that stand between them, and the national championship.

it sounds corny, but the anime is really good. the music, even the fillers (yes the fillers) are downright hilarious, better than Bleach or any other fillers. towards the middle of the show it becomes very Dragonball Z -ish, but like i said, it is definitely worth checking out!