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Thread: Be your Nation

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    Warning: This thread has images depicting Countries as well as their history and armed forces. If you are offended by historic events, please leave.

    Please view in Linear mode and notify me if you have trouble viewing pictures hosted on

    I thought it would be fun to spread some Hetalia love to everyone while giving some first attempts at making these kind of things. Feel free to leave your comments, I welcome (constructive) criticism most!

    for those who don't know Hetalia, its an Anime about world history where every Nation is represented by a character.
    (Note: This one image is neither drawn nor compiled by me, it simply serves as title image.)

    Asking me to do stuff:
    If you want a certain Nation as your avatar just ask, I also accept Gundam-related ones. I'll try to focus on the most popular demands, but I can make no promises...


    Anyways, I thought as first batch I should take Germany aka Ludwig. Germany is pretty cool and though Italy is the main character, all he does is goof off all the time and Germany can come save his useless *ss and clean the mess up for him.

    Pardon my choppy German though.

    Ludwig, Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Germany)

    Lets get some Deutsch mood up here! (play while you enjoy the art)

    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    und Recht
    und Freiheit!

    (Unity, Right and Freedom, three values proclaimed in the German National Anthem "Deutschlandlied")

    TN: "Unity and right and free beer!"

    Potato Macho Ludwig may be strict about discipline, but free time is definitely beer time!

    -Upper left: "Federal Republic of Germany"
    -Right: "I am Germany"

    Germany once had a lunatic homicidal boss! He would give Germany loony tasks such as looking for the holy grail, developing wierd superweapons and being mean to certain ethnics... But thats over now and Germany has a new boss. Its a female one by the way. But she's not exactly hot so I probably won't put her in sigs :P
    About the text in it, I think some time ago there was this campaign in Germany called "Du bist Deutschland!" ("You are Germany!"). But the Germans didn't find it very appealing ... they should be proud to be German!

    TN: "Let the German at it!"

    Germans are so awesome in technology and mechanics, BMW doesn't even need to translate its slogan for the World to understand. After WW II, Germany who was beaten down badly recovered like a miracle! But recently, unemployments has been giving him a few aches here and there. But ol' uncle Turkiye is around to cheer him up ever since they let him in the European Union (there are quite a few Turkish people in Germany who have started to influence Germany's culture).

    Freiestaat Sachsen (Saxony)

    TN: "Saxony"

    Along with Germany, one of Germania's sons. He was one of Germany's big brothers who cared for him. Today, Germany has grown into a strong Country and has Saxony live with him as one of his united states.

    Gilbert Beilschmidt, Königreich Preußen (Prussia)

    TN: "Faithful Countrymen"

    Also a son of Germania. Germany's egoistic, boastful and brash big brother Prussia! He's really full of himself, his catchphrase is "I am awesome!" but just when you think he only has a big mouth he turns out to be really strong, loyal and brave! He's done a good deal for his little brother Germany, but nowadays as Germany has gotten big and strong, Prussia resides with him.

    -Left: "Sex is a battle"
    -Right: "Love is war"

    Prussia likes violating other country's borders, penetrating deep into their territory and conquering them, he was quite good at it too... no wonder most of Gilbo's fans are female! But though loyal, he's not so good at relations...

    Roderich Edelstein, Republik Österreich (Austria)

    Austria is the one character who has even less tolerance for improper behaviour than Germany. He's a great musician who plays beautiful melodies and quite charismatic too, as he used to rule a large part of Europe!

    German version

    Austria is along with Switzerland in the very central regions of Europe! Many a Nation sought after it and many wars have been fought at his doorsteps, but Austria still stands! Truely a strong heart in the middle of Europe!

    TN: "Austria-Hungary"

    Austria just wouldn't be the same without Hungary around! They were very close in the past.

    -Lower Left: "Heart"
    -Center Left: Roderich: "Anger is quaking in my chest, for I demand what you have stolen! If you believed my power has vanished - you are mistaken! A heart which has beaten since olden days lies within me! Remember the name of he who will bestow judgement upon you: The everlasting heart known as Austria!"
    -Center Right: Gilbert: "You want Silesia back? So come! With your many friends! Alone you would never dare it. Never shall I bow before the likes of you. Judge me you want? So come! The justice that you ask for, I shall give it to you by the cold steel of my blade! Be aware, for my King I will stand til the end. So come! Experience the Courage and Loyalty of Prussia, that no power of the World may ever shake!"
    -Top Right: "Bravery"

    Quite some text here, it is the 7 year war. Prussia stole Austria's vital Regions, so now Austria has rallied a huge force. With his allies including the French, the Hungarians, the Swedes, the Saxons and even the Russians, he has encircled Prussia! But Prussia didn't fear, he promptly allied with England (who was Austria's ally in the last war... but if France is your enemy he gladly joins) and overran Saxony! But now he's facing an overwhelming force twice his size on the side of Austria, the time has come for the two Nations to clash!

    Elizaveta Héderváry, Magyar Köztársaság (Hungary)

    TN: "Hungary"

    Hungary used to be freakishly strong! Whenever Austria was in Peril, Elizaveta would arrive at the scene to the rescue and chase off those Ruffian countries [cough]Gilbo[/cough] who dare lay hand on her sweetheart Austria! Also, when she was very young she used to believe that she was a boy. It didn't help that everyone around her believed so too as she's quite the tomboy. But as she grew up it became clear and one day she found out that thing between your legs isn't something that grows when you get older...

    Arthur Kirkland, The United Kingdoms (England & Northern Ireland)

    England is a great conqueror! Though he's not significantly more or less powerful than other colonial Nations, he makes up for being far more aggressive! Wether its America, Africa or Asia, England will conquer and have them be his colonies! But England has it hard to make friends, thats why he's quite a tsundere! Even though he says its "just for his sake", he has taken care of a lot of siblings, he was especially fond of America, but that unthankful brat turned on him... poor England, its hard to be an island in this large World. Perhaps Japan understands?

    England couldn't bear it to see pirates wrecking havoc on poor Spain nii-chan day by day... he had to award them for their deeds!
    What the spanish armada thinks of it? Pff, who cares?

    More England to come.

    Possible themes (if anyone posts a request I'll prolly prefer it):

    Modern England
    England & USA, devlish backstabbin' little brother!
    England & Japan, because isolated islands understand eachother
    England & China, England has been dealing drugs and kidnapping kiddie Hong Kong there
    England & France, the endless hate continues! As long as France's *ss gets kicked England will participate!
    England & fairies and unicorns, only England can see them!
    England, drunk and stark naked (well almost, no H stuff here)!
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    For we are one World with one Dream!
    Some things are timeless. In a literal sense.

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