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Thread: Two Worlds, One Heart

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    Wink Two Worlds, One Heart

    So this is like a side OVA type thing to a story me and my friends wrote called Ai Nassen [which we also turning into a Visual Novel]. This one only focus on two of the main characters though, Kiri Kumo and Sado Pepper. So I'll give you some background on the characters. The other leads from Ai Nassen only play minor rolls in this story, which I call Two Worlds, One Heart. The school is Sukoshi High. I'm working on this story alone though without the help of my friends.

    Hsienko Otoyama: A 10th grader who has a odd habit of laughing at nothing at all. He moved out of his parents house and rented an apartment so he could get better schooling. He has a part time job working at a sushi bar. He suffers from terrible nightmares that cause him to get little to no sleep. Even though he's unhealthy, he's learned to adapt to that well.

    Nyoko Shioya: She's in 10th grade and is rather rude. She tends to boss others around. But she does have a sweeter side to her. Nyoko lives with her father. Her mother died for unknown reasons in her sleep. Her best friend is literaly her father. She has other friends, but she really feels she only built those relationships off of fear of her actions. She doesn't know if anyone truly cares for her.

    Zodeisa Fuddelwok aka Misaki Motomiya and Koharu Motomiya : Due to her limited knowledge of earth, she is very shy. Zodeisa was the Princess of Untravelled #937 though her people called it Fuddelwok. She was to be married, and she was quite pleased, but he suddenly died in a freak accident. She fell into mourning and left the planet and headed to Japan. After arriving she convinced a family that she was their adopted daughter and began attending school with Koharu...her adopted brother.

    Koharu is a straight "A" student. He has a soft spot for Misaki his adopted sister. When he's dating a girl, he treats her like gold. He hates his name since it's a girls name and he became a gang boy, while keeping up with his grades of course.

    Gardenia Kurin and Yuu Shiroda/Edward Lockwood: Gardenia is mysterious and also a vampire. She suffers greatly from a broken heart and doesn't talk to people whom she does not know. In turn, others don't talk to her because she creepy and weird. She also will switch schools every now and again so others can't figure out her secret. She faked her death after her lover Yuu died saved her life.

    Yuu was a kind gentleman, a skilled sword user, and deeply in love with Gardenia. He gave his life to save her life and died in the process. He was later reincarnatied into and Englishman.

    Kiri Kumo: She is repeating the 10th grade over again for reasons she refuses to reveal. It's very hard for her to make friends since she literally hates people with a passion. She was orphaned at the age of 6 and has suffered harassment from other students who blamed her for the murder of her parents. They told her that it was her fault that they were dead. And Kiri finally got fed up with it and began fighting back. The only ones who ever loved her were her parents. Now that they're dead she's lost all hope of anyone loving her again.

    Jack Stiles: He's quite layed back unless angered. He has deep desires to help anyone who is in need. His father was given the death penalty for a crime he didn't commit so his mother raised him on her own. She paid for him to take fighting lessons where he was proficent in unarmed combat and bo staff techniques. He now lives on his own, supporting himself so his mother doesn't half too. He can sense others emotions.

    Sado Pepper: He's quite friendly to everyone he meets. He'd take blows and never fight back. He's in the 10th grade. If you went and held a gun to his head he'd probally laugh at you....

    Sado wasn't expected to live. After he was born the doctors told his parents he had a rare and fatal disease that would slowly eat away at his organs. When they asked how long he'd live, they were told to about the age of 25...if he was lucky. As years went by, he always wondered why people said sorry to him. Even his teachers. One day a teacher was crying in front of him. When he asked why, the teacher replied with "You don't know?". He asked what he didn't know about and the teacher explained about the disease that his parent's never bothered to tell him about. He then ran away to his Uncle's house and told him what happened. His Uncle smiled and told Sado he could stay there until his parent's came for him.

    They never came...

    Smith: The crazy 30 year old janitor who at some point in his life declared war on all bugs. He has a habit of scaring people.

    Kazuma Takumi: Sophmore and homeroom teacher. You'd want to stay off his bad side since he doesn't even have a good side! He's never cheery or smiling unless it's at someone else's pain. He's a teacher who has taught for three years. He is married and has a kid that no one can figure out why is still breathing. His style of teaching is a bit fractured and is found very bossy as well.

    Akio Taro: Teachs the Juniors. Very lenient, and allows many and most things. He is laid back and always feels like a neutral guy, not mean, not nice. He can often give the oddiest assignments and say the oddiest things at time.

    These are just the characters. I'm not typing the first chapter in this post. The scroll bar is small enough. Though I would like to know what you think of the characters please and thank you. And in the mean time, I'll get chapter one typed up and posted.

    Title: Two Worlds, One Heart

    Rating: 15+

    Genre: Romance/Humor/Fantasy/Drama/Action

    A side story of Ai Nassen. This story tells of the relationship between Sado and Kiri. The great thing about this is you don't have to read Ai Nassen to be able to read this since it will start in the begining of the story anyway. It's just told from Sado and Kiri's sides instead of everyone else. Though everyone else does play their role in the story.

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