I think it's unkind how people hate Shinji and call him a wuss. I mean, the poor guy has lots of issues. For one his dad abandoned him as a child. He's afraid of getting close to others for fear that he'll end up hurt even more, probably because his own father left him. The list goes on. I personally really sympathize for poor Shinji. Of course that may be because I too have monumental issues including inner turmoil, paranoia, a childhood of being picked on and bullied, many mental disorders, constant psychological warfare, low self-esteem, over-emotional sensitivity, I could go on for hours about my personal despair. I sympathize with him because I am like him. Believe me it's not fun to go through life scarred and tormented. In fact it can be down right scary and depressing almost to the point of possible suicide or wishing you never existed. I think it's cruel that people look at Shinji with annoyance and call him a wimp. In fact it makes them almost as bad as a bully. People have no idea what it's like for people like him. It can be a life of personal hell. So what are people thinking when they put down such a person. I don't understand how some people can be so cruel to others. Come on, aren't there other people out there who sympathize with him like I do.