Well im pretty much old school right now.. seen a lot of old school anime or what i think is old school.. I need a lil recommendations on whats out there for the new anime thats taking shape. I am throwing a list down of what i like and what i've seen.. I was checking to see if there are some new like 3d/ or better grpahics anime out there? Good art and lots of effects if at possible to go with categories..

What i like or genre: also lit of anime in categories i have seen to match up
Samurai/Ninja Fighting with blood or without
samurai 7 (MAde me stay up all day long to finish the serries)
shura no toki (Beast!)
karas (good fights)
kenshin (hell of a story)
sword of the stranger (loved this movie!)
bakki not really ninja but fighting..=P (just kicked ***)
code geass mech style fighting.. not to crazy on mech but liked code geass

Sci fi/ fantasy/ Bloody
elven lied
ergo proxy ( i am watching tomarrow, not sure how it is)
fate stay night (going to watch after ergo)

3d/ High graphics/ HD
2 other ones and i cant think of the name.. one was a movie about japan being secluded.. maybe Vixxen or something like that.. but maybe yall know the others

but pretty much im trying to find a lil newer quality anime and my fav's are either ninja/samurai type and fantasy like kiba or d greyman.. stuff like that..

Any help would be grately appreciated and if u have any questions just send me a shout!

Thank You