Hi everyone. I've got 841 (528 different kinds) YuGiOh cards I'm trying to get rid of. I've made a list of them all if anyone here is interested. If not, could someone tell me where I could sell them at. Maybe another forum or a store that won't give me a bad deal. Most of them I bought and put in slip covers right after opening, so 98% of them are in perfect condition. They're from all different series and of different rarities, common, uncommon, and the common rares, maybe some other rares, I'm not sure. I'm also looking for a reliable, up-to-date, fair price guide for not only these I'm trying to sell but to price the ones I decided to keep. I've set prices on these from random sites but I don't want to con people out of their money if the cards really aren't worth that much, but I also don't want to get screwed out of money I could make off of them either. Thanks in advance, ~~Myth~~