Forum rules:

1. CHAT RULES: Chat rules are very well made. They keep the chat clean from useless posting and inappropriate language, and from now on they will keep clean this forum as well. The chat rules are applied for images, too. They can be found here.

2. BANDWIDTH: Please be considerate with your posts. Don't post random images and don't quote images if not necessary. They are just annoying and they don't contribute to the current post. When posting a big image (bigger than 640x480px) use the "Manage Attachments" feature under "Additional Options". This will help people with dial-up speeding up their browsing capabilities and will save bandwidth as well.

3. NO LINKING TO OTHER CG SITES: Linking to other sites is like advertising which falls under the category "Chat Rules". If you want to post a picture which is on another site, post the direct link of the picture or even better, use the "Image Uploader" located under the smiles list.
- = OK.

4. SPAM (aka Stupid Pointless Abusive Message): Off topic posts and threads, one word posts (don't post less than 4 words), double (or more) posts, advertisements, meaningless or just random threads all fall under this category. They are useless and just make the forum look bad. If you can't help it and you have to annoy someone with them, write a SPAM mail and email it to yourself. That won't hurt anyone. As everything, this rules has exceptions too. You are allowed to multi-post only (and I mean only) if in your thread nobody else posted in 2 days.

5. ONE THREAD, ONE SUBJECT: Please, keep threads in one subject. We really don't need to have one thread with 100 different subjects in it. It makes difficult for us to keep track with the thread and members are annoyed because they have to search for their subject.

6. RESPECT OTHER'S WORK: When commenting somebody's work, please, leave a message longer than a one-liner and back up your statements with reasons. Make sure you contribute to the thread with a good and constructive critique.
*** BAD ONES ***
- I like it. Keep it up.
- I like it. Keep it up and I want to see more.
- Omg ... it's awesome. I like your work very very very much. Keep it up. <-- NOTE: This type of comment is just a way to try to make a sentence long enough to abide by the rules. We want you all know that we are not counting words (unless we find out you are breaking the rule about SPAM). This is not the school. We want content and we moderate the forums considering what's written and not how long the post is. Keep that in mind!

*** GOOD ONE ***
- Your tutorial is quite good. It's full of examples and it's easy to understand. The various sections are well categorized and not too messy.

7. DON'T FLAME: Flaming is not criticism, but just insulting the one who made the work. If you can't write a critique without flaming don't do it. We always appreciate flamers who keep their opinions for themselves.

8. RIPPING: Ripping other's work and claim it as yours is like stealing and we won't allow it. If we find out your work is not yours, you will find your thread closed and get an infraction. After we find you for the 2nd time you will be forbidden to post into this forum.

I'm starting a thread. What should I know before starting it!?

Thread names are the most important part of how to post in this forum. They let others know what they can expect in the threads and choose them accordingly. Because of this, we want you to post your threads by subject and not by title or username, with the type of thread followed by application name prefix. Right now we will use 4 different markers to define the type of the thread:
- Tutorial: This marker defines a tutorial, where it explains how to do stuff with the specific application;
- Tip: Tips define threads having tips and tricks to work with the specific application and are not editing tips;
- Help: With "help" as a prefix you let users know you are asking a question specific to the mentioned application which can be anything and of course is legal;
- Request: By marking your title with this tag you are requesting a tutorial.

At the same time keep in mind you have to make sure the thread name is not too long, so try to avoid whole sentences.
- [Tutorial - PhotoShop] Blend a stock by using brushes only
- [Tip - Gimp] Convert PhotoShop brushes to Gimp
- [Help - Paint.NET] Are there any brushes for Paint.NET?
- [Request - PaintShop Pro] Working with effects

If you are posting a tutorial or tip you are free to use the type of media you prefer. It can be either video, images or just a normal post like in any other forum. What you have to provide is:
- the final product of your tutorial for everyone to see;
- the brushes, stocks and everything else used for the tutorials in a ZIP file;
- credits to artists of the stocks, brushes and so on;
- a detailed tutorial which was made by you;
- the link to the thread requesting this tutorial (if tutorial made by request).

If you are seeking for help or making a request you have to explain in details what are you requesting or what do you need help for. Here I want to mention we are not tech support, so application crashes and bugs are not a subject to be put here.

Every thread/post which won't meet the rules will be locked and the poster will get an infraction!

The rules are subject to change so keep tracking this thread for changes.

For any questions regarding the forum rules or this forum we are available over the private messaging system (aka PMs).
Happy posting!

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